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Also in Canada and my shipping was updated today!

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I got the Ivy Drive Small Loryn to encourage me to carry less stuff. And some earrings, because pretty!

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Everyone in my family eats Cheetos (and all cheesie-type crunchy snacks for that matter) like this thanks to Wondermark!

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The summer I was 16 I worked night shift at a 24-hour Tim Hortons with my best friend. The only other person working would be the night baker, and let's just say that while many roads can lead a person to a career as a night baker at Tim Hortons, few of them are marked by respect for authority. By 3am, the only customers would be friends of ours who wanted free doughnuts and a few chain-smoking guys muttering to themselves about Jesus or aliens or weed or weed-smoking Alien Jesus. After a night of drinking all the coffee and playing Timbit hockey, we would head up the street to my friend's house and sleep until dinner. Then we'd stash our uniforms in a bag and head out to a party until it was time for work. For three months, the only adults I interacted with were shift workers, insomniacs, and the homeless. It was amazing.

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Just got back from seeing it with some equally creepy-doll-obsessed friends. We definitely jumped a few times during the movie. But what was even creepier was looking up on the bus ride home just as we were passing Brahms's house (aka Craigdarroch Castle).

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The Boy was filmed just up the road from me! Taking visiting friends there will never be the same. And yes, I'm totally going to see it.

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I have been alternating between Hamilton and Lizzo's new album, "Big Grrrl Small World."

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I had a professor who boiled his seminar rules down to three parts of the Boy Scout Law -- be cheerful, thrifty, and brave. I'm not resolving to turn into a pollyannish martyr or anything, but I want to take that as inspiration to be more optimistic and rein in my tendency to flail about because I didn't plan ahead or thing things through. The brave part will be to keep taking music lessons and to play in front of someone other than my teacher.

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I found a copy of an old book about his beloved soccer team. It was published during his peak supporter days before I was born, so it's going to be a nostalgia fest at my parents' house. The perfect excuse to regale people with Rangers lore is part of the gift. Sorry, mum!

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Victoria Sponge is the best cake! I love it so much I bake myself one every year for my birthday. I sandwich it with jam from my jam-making friend (this year I went with cherry-amaretto) and clotted cream (buttercream is too sweet). In addition to tasting like heaven, there's the added bonus of smug baker satisfaction when it mixes up perfectly because you got your butter and eggs to just the right temperature.