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4 years ago @ http://www.conservativ... - Priti Patel: It's time... · 0 replies · +1 points

This offer of 1 years extension is obviously an attempt by Brussels to provide more opportunities to make us give up and stay in the EU..

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Ease of parking is the key factor. If I want to buy one or two items I would certainly avoid the High Street because of difficult access in my car and parking charges.

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However much these new flats and house are needed they must be located with great care so as not spoil our beautiful countryside.

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How much irreplaceable countryside is lost in a building program such as this?

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Once we have left the EU we should be able to take advantage of the 'tariff war' between the EU and the USA and make our own deals!

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There is no way a government can completely control the World Wide Web - there is always a way to find what you are looking for!

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They don't have to support a No Deal, if no alternative is agreed and put in place, then No Deal will happen on March 29th!

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I don't use our local high street shops at all because there is nowhere to park the car without payment. The out of town shopping centres are so much more convenient - and free!

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There are bound to be losses and dislocation immediately after we Leave but all competent businesses and individuals should be able to adjust and take advantage of the new freedom from the EU and negotiate new Trade Deals.

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Just image how much money the Remoaners would spend campaigning if there was to be a second referendum!!!