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The mice have been removed from the Capitol only the rats remain.

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The solution to energy rate hikes is a politician reduction bill. Lets have a 10% reduction in lawmakers wages and benifits for every 1% raise in energy costs. The most recent law mandated reduction in power usage in PA and gave utilities a 2% increase in rates to tell us to use less energy. It also mandated installation of smart meters for every customer which the installation and the meter's cost will be charged to the customer.

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Remember when Pennsylavania emergency management did not know that the interstate was impassable and motorists were stranded for many hours because they decided to move headquarters in the winter so there was a 12 hour debacle that was state run. No wonder the Gov wants to be notified about false alarms. Here is a real alarm -- the revenue is not what the Governor projected and once again we will be billions in the red illegally! Wake up Ed!

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If Holder gets a conviction will he do a "new black panther" and dismiss the case after a judgment is rendered?

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This is where the payoffs are. Change orders and additions at end of contract. Pay for a plan and when it is approved say the planners didn't anticipate x, y , & z. (thats why they are paid to plan) but note how many say they were unavoidable. The additions are t & m and can be sustatntial and hard to substantiate.

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I believe that Willie Brown's assistants, Brady and Rendell, get to do that.

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The Spanish government mandated that all renewable energy had to be purchased no mater what the cost- Unemployment now over 20% and government debt has to be reduced to remain in the EU. Our state already mandated smart meters which haven't been built or tested which will need a 600 million government grant and then each ratepayer will be stuck with a $1000.00 installation charge. Of course if the sunspot activity ever kicks back up again it could knock out all these wireless apps and of course if the government programers get pissed they can remotely shut off lots of neat things like transportation or hospitals or traffic lights.

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Doesn't the Third District Court sponsor a halfway house for criminals who have prominent people write letters telling the court how important they are? Or is that the vacation home on Murtha's vineyard? How about a high speed rail line from Harrisburg with a stop at the Governor's Mansion to the Federal Prison in Kentucky? Ridership guaranteed! What a Stimulus Package!

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Just like corruption our political leaders assure us we can be number one in taxation!
Corzine, the billionaire wall street banker, may have taken New Jersey to new heights of deficits but our multi millionaire gorvernor is trying harder. What they have in the quality of corruption we make up in quantity.

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Pennsylvania is noted for having many leaders with convictions! And also noted for Judges who slap their wrists - just empathy!