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322 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Best Justice Ever Ruth... · 0 replies · +29 points

I was not 100% sober for the SOTU also, too! They are just like us!

322 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Federal Judge To Alaba... · 4 replies · +29 points

Those Alabama probate judges just wanted marriage equality rammed down their throats a second time. They just won't admit it.

322 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Ted Cruz Has Had It Wi... · 4 replies · +36 points

I'm introducing the Defense of Sanity Act, which requires immediate and permanent deportation of Ted Cruz to the religiously-governed country of his choice.

323 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Aaron Schock Spending ... · 0 replies · +18 points

This seems fine. You need a professional to get the sconces and vases of feathers in the background to look right when taking tea in your office.

323 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Time To Lawyer Up, Tex... · 0 replies · +8 points

Maybe it's a jerbs bill to give all those oppressed, wingnut "christians" jerbs teaching the new Fetal Law 101 class in Texas law schools?

Or it could just be more of the same horrible GOP shit, different day.

323 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Jeb Bush's New Tech Ge... · 0 replies · +14 points

Maybe Jeb can use some of that Romney magic and hire 22 people to approve young Ethan's tweets going forward. It would create jobs also, too.

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Science almighty my home state is back-asswards sometimes (most times)!

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Wait, HPV doesn't stand for Human Promiscuity Virus?

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That's odd. People who believe masturbation involves at least one firearm always seem like such reasonable people!

Oh wait, no, the other thing. SMH.

323 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Sad Ted Cruz Wonders W... · 2 replies · +40 points

So, Republicans love poor people? No wonder they keep advancing policies that make more and more people poor, and prevent them from getting out of poverty once they're there!