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I used to pray all the time. Went something like this......O god I'll never drink aga..urppppp. Oh jebeus......urrrrppppppp. He never did step in to stop my heaving. Once I figured out to quit wasting my time praying and extending the hugging the toilet time, I always got back to the party much faster.

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After spending hours drawing a face on mine, rubbing it out and redoing it over and over, I've come to the conclusion that your right.

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This is right up there with the guy from Texas shitting himself over a blah bagging his groceries.Jesus weeps.

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Damn it Issa.......as a postal worker I demand you get back to gutting my Union and the Post Office.

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On the drive home today I heard Mark Lawhine (Levin) call Chief Justice Roberts an activist judge. I thought only the pinkos on the left were activist judges. Now I'm really confused. You can't tell the players without a scorecard anymore!

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Thank goodness he didn't say vagina!

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Or everything, depends on the time of day!

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As a former alter boy I shudder each time one of these stories surfaces. My heart goes out to those poor young men and my total hatred goes out to those bastards who abused their power and influence. May he burn forever in hell.

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If I saw this ass clown at my door I wouldn't let him in either!

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In Georgia a man who raises chickens for cock-fighting is considered salt of the earth....explains alot doesn't it.