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What I don’t understand is why the democrats aren’t using the ebola scare to attack republicans (and their conservative hero Rick Perry) for their failure to implement Obama Care (specifically the medicaid expansion).

As I understand it Duncan was possibly/probably given inadequate care and attention during his initial visit due to his lack of health insurance. If Texas (and Perry) had expanded Medicaid Duncan may have been eligible or at the very least the ER wouldn’t be so overrun by the uninsured that they would be more likely to give attentive care to all of their patients. So in a nutshell, Perry’s failure to expand Medicaid caused the Ebola crisis in Dallas.

Now mind you all of that needs to be polished into some slick political package but FFS somebody needs to get on a talk show and get that conversation going. I am incredibly frustrated by all of the politicians running from Obama Care, they need to stress the good it is doing and could be doing if those republican asshats would just let it work.

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The whole time Rachel was telling that story I kept thinking "I know how this ends, I saw this on Grey's Anatomy."

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I gave this a thumbs up thingy and I am in Texas. That's really saying something.

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No I do not think it is a fb thing, the file name is just fb dot png and just as easily could be fuckfree dot jpg. The source of the image is Wonkette.com. I think it is a Wonkette created icon certifying that it is a post free of objectionable language. Apparently they really, really want us to share Wonkette links on fb (I'm guessing because social media numbers matter when selling advertising). Personally I rarely share any kind of link on fb but when I do language is never a consideration as I assume my friends on fb are not toddlers. It is a bit of a sad state of affairs if our Wonkette is going to start censoring itself cuz um, well ya' know, Wonkette. What is it if not offensive? I mean wouldn't it cease to be Wonkette?

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Oh dear god, you are talking about making a real glossary like all college-y like. Phew, I was thinking more of a Wonkette buttsechs level of glossary full of just links to stuff like green balloons, those cakes we like, also too and whatnot. And maybe some famous Wonkeretti quotes from the comment threads, seeing how maybe someday they might change commenting systems and all of our wonderful beautiful comments that we have wasted so many hours creating may be disappeared into oblivion.

But yeah, whatever, if someone were to get something like that going I would be willing to help. Just don't expect any of that fancy college whoo-ha from me, I'm more of a lowly research assistant good for digging out the links to stuff like Lou Sarah's T.

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Yeah, all my friend gets bitchy when I share shit like that. She can be a real bitch sometimes.

Though I'm pretty sure all my friend Tom on myspace is still cool with it.

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Ah, yes, that makes sense. Also, too, wasn't there some talk about starting a Wonkette glossary? Is there some secret cabal working on that somewhere? Cuz I'm just thinking this is the sort of thing that needs to be included in that.

Anyhow, thanks, I was feeling the odd one out there for a bit.

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I Am Confused About A Thing: when did our Wonkette become Wonket? Was Wonkette too sexist or French or something? I remember a thing years ago when there was a long discussion about the plural of Wonkette and some acceptance of the term Wonkeretti or some other weirdness, so I dunno, maybe this is some manifestation of that? Or is this just a Wonkette upgrade, like Wonket 2.0? Obviously I have missed something so since this is the catch-all post somebody do me a solid and catch me up on what the hell this Wonket business is.

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I wonder if he understands that when his fellow club members call him Token they aren't joking.

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The rumble is that soon they are going to take away all of our pnesses. We will all be p-less and sad.

And mad about a thing I guess? And that thing will be our lack of pness. I don't have very much p but I have grown fond of it as I have had it since the days of Kendom. I am very much going to miss my p. Godspeed my sweet p.