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Having a nice sunny day here in Fairbanks. Hope you are having a good day too, Savoy

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Greta, I hope part of the new changes will include a Greta chat room?

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I did some checking into the problems we had with the blog earlier. It seems there was a problem with intense debate as it was down:
12 Mar 2009
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IntenseDebate experienced some unplanned downtime earlier this evening. We have identified and corrected the issue and we’re back up. We’re happy to be back on schedule to deliver our next latest and greatest.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Posted by Michael Koenig

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One question for Repres.Pelosi. If there was a moratorium on earmarks then how could in good conscienous vote and push thru the recent budget legislation with well over 1000 earmarks that meet none of her now so-called proposals? And they wonder why we have lost trust in our Congressional leaders regardless of party. They are not doing the best for the American taxpayer,

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Would like to hear bloggers thoughts on an idea that I just emailed to Greta. What if she were to add a live chat client as part of this blog. Would you use it? It is my contention that many of us have been using the comments section to chat and it is confusing because of the formatting. If we had a chat room it would be easier to follow for our chatting and it would free up the comments section for actual comments on the topics that are posted as comments. I hope to read some of your thoughts on this.


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Maybe you can play "hang Man" with your player tonight. :)

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Excellent Greta Live Wire tonight and very informative. Now looking forward to "On The Record" Have a good show Greta.

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Greta, who are we going to surprise tonight with a phone call? What juiscy tidbits are we getting from Debi tonight. Looking forward to the show.

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Just a thought. If California were to seceded from the Union, wouldn't that mean that Rep Pelosi would no longer be Speaker of the House? And if we could also get Nevada to secede then the Senate would also have to replace Sen Reid? Let's get these two states to secede. LOL

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Maybe he and his wife should be turned over to the relatives of those that committed suicide because they lost all their wealth?