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TEALMOON: I don't know,there are so many on this blog and I don't know who's who anymore. I can assure anyone who thinks I am the troll, you're wrong. I have never used a different sign in. I just want this swine to be caught. I am on this blog to discuss politics and nothing more. I have been trying
to figure out who it is, but I think some got upset with me for asking one of the bloggers if they were
the troll. I aplogize if I accused the wrong person.

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GatorBob, I too was attacked by whomever this person is. I received a provocative email from someone
giving me a link to click on about Suzi during horrible things. Of course I did not click on it, because I
could tell by the filthy comments they made about what Suzie was doing. I do not know how they got my
email address, but they are kinda stupid, as I tracked them down by their IP address. I know know what city & State they live in and also that the email address is a corporate one. No, I did not contact Greta about
this she has enough on her plate now. I can not even prove that it came from someone on this blog yet. The person's name that sent me the email is David Milton, but I know that is probably a made up name. Bloggers, please be careful, I did not log out ,only one time and that is the day I received the email. Please log out when you leave the computer. I am afraid to blog anymore because of this , I probably ticked one of them off and now it is payback. Remember whomever sent me the email, I know where you live and who you work for.

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Hi DizzyD, the comment that Temple43 posted was about L.Prochmeier,where she works as a
Professor and what she looks like. L.Prochmeier is a troll on here and always post negative
and personnel things about some of the bloggers. I am not saying she sent me the email, just that
I am glad people know about her.

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Temple43, I am so glad you posted the information about L-Prochmeier. I was aware of who she was after some of the comments she made here. Now, what I would like to ask people here is: Has anyone received a provocative email from someone named David Milton, telling you to watch the link with Suzi doing some sex acts. I did not open the link up, just what was typed on the email told me everything. Half of the email was in English and the end was in French. I do not know how they got my personnel email, I do know the day I received it, I forgot to log off. I tracked the IP address and know what City & State they are from & also that it is from a corporate email. I guess I really ticked someone off. I also took up for JeanneFl, but don't know if that is what inspired them to send to me the email. I have never received an email like that before, so It had to come from someone on this blog. Please bloggers be very careful, it could happen to you too.

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Just who are you SmilinIrish? You sound like some of the Trolls that are on this blog. Fess up!!

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Why do you think ProudMarineMom, and Jeannie are trolls ? What have they done?
The hairspray Jeannie is what the troll says.

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Who are you speaking of when you say--- Greta's Grannies?

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ProudMarineMom, I do not know what is going on here tonight, but that comment from
flyingbird was uncalled for.

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I would like to think, we are not headed for a depression. Things do not look good now, but I pray things
will turn around and get better in the coming months.

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I remember watching David Bloom as he was covering the war. This was very heartbreaking, for his family
and also all the other families that have lost a loved one over there. War is hell !!!