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Occutards -- GO HOME!!! What concerns me are those who have their kids along for the "occupation." What I really think they should do is find a closed down school, and then propose to Sam Adams to LEGALLY occupy it. Nominate one of the Occutards to be a liaison between the Occupy Movement and the City. Do this by the book, Occupy People... If you really want your message to come across correctly, then clean up your act and do this right..

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Yes, thanks brinks for your service, you deserve your retirement, not insults!

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The late Robert Kardashian Sr. was the lead attorney in the O.J. Simpson/murder trial back in the 90's. He was bffs with OJ and the rest of the family were closer to Nicole which caused the divorce between Robert and Kris. I think that is what started the fame of the Kardashians.

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They usually have to give me predisone around Christmas time..... Christmas turns into Halloween cause the witch comes out to play..

I will keep Mandi and your family in my prayers.... But I can see that you're WAYYY nicer than me!!! :)

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Yes, there totally is the chance that you will NOT have morning sickness. I didn't throw up AT ALL during my pregnancy.. And I had a healthy 8 lb. 5 oz baby boy!!!

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(DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A CFer -- I just have BAD ASTHMA during the winter months)

My doctor (OB) actually prescribed me Albuterol and Flovent during my pregnancy after I had the worst asthma attack after my brother-in-law fumigated our apartment with Lysol.

The lunch meat thing -- listeriosis is the risk I believe. You can get the same thing from soft cheeses.

Caffiene --- ok after the completion of the first trimester.

Recommendations -- eggs.. eat a LOT of them. They contain DHA which is brain food for your baby/(ies) I would pick up a sausage ring and mushrooms and peppers and scramble right into them... full meal deal right there.

And cravings watch out... they are powerful. Do you have a grocery store near by? cause 7-11 didn't cut it when I was craving Progresso Traditional NE Clam Chowder ALL THE TIME!!!

If you can't stomache eggs get Expectra -- its a DHA supplement made by Enfamil.

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WOOHOO!!! I'm so happy for you!! How stinkin' awesome!! I wondered why I bought 2 more of the 6-packs of bay pacifiers at Target... duh!! Cause I'm gonna need them as gifts!!!

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I remember feeling that way as well. Especially since at the time that my hubby and I were TTC (trying to conceive) my brother-in-law was only 15.

You're gonna hear a LOT of acronyms.. if you need any deciphering just ask - Melissa Jones-Weston on Facebook .

Since you can't go the sperm meets egg route you can bypass EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus , afterall don't you worry enough about mucus with Ronnie?

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It seems like the tiniest women bouce back like a rubber ball..

I would like to see a "blow by blow" but you have to do what is right in your hearts, and yes, I feel the importance to document everything. I should have documented SO MUCH MORE of my own pregnancy. Now, I know its controversial, but doesn't Ronnie have a brother? Have you thought about asking for a "donation" from him if your attempts with Ronnie's goods doesn't work, that way you have a sense of the family genetics. That is so important today with other possible medical crises out there. Especially if your child ever needs a bone marrow or kidney transplant.

Above all --follow your heart on this - if there is an option that is screaming at your heart - DO IT.... don't let there be any regrets...

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I hope he lawyered up and got a prenup.