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I saw someone on facebook (not someone I know, but a friend of a friend) say that this isn't related to race, because Wilson didn't say "filthy n*" before he shot, then drive away laughing. And it wasn't a "lynching," and there were no burning crosses. Therefore, no racism. PLUS, racism would stop existing if everyone would stop talking about it, so everyone just shut up about race already!

Those are thoughts someone literally had, and then typed out for their friends to see. I don't even know how a person can be so stupid.

Serious question, though: What is a good way to respond to people who are so dense they will point to vandalism and say things like, "This doesn't help their case!" without having your head explode?

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Sort of. Here are the rules as I understand them (I live in PA, and I still don't fully grasp the regulations about how I'm allowed to buy alcohol):
- WIne and Liquor are sold only in state-run liquor stores.
- Beer can be sold with wild abandon by beer distributors, but only in cases. Never 6-packs.
- Grocery stores get away with selling 6-packs by having a separate "cafe" where you can sit and eat food. For some reason, it's ok to sell 6-packs where there are food and tables. There is a volume limit that each person can purchase, which I think amounts to 2 6-packs and a 22.
- 6-packs can also be bought at most pizza places (see above rule about food and tables), but the prices and selection can be terrible.

I have a very nice beer store a 3-15 minute walk (depending on how many times you've been to the store that day) from my house, and they get away with selling 6-packs of an astonishing variety of delicious beers by having a small bar in the back of the store where you can sit and eat a hot dog if you want. Most people in PA aren't this lucky, and people in my neighborhood were actually AGAINST this store opening.

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It's a workaround. Some grocery stores have a separate "cafe" area where you can sit and eat food, so they're allowed to sell six-packs in the cafe, but not at the regular grocery store registers.

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A few weeks ago, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I saw the police take 3 black teenagers into custody across the street from my house. They were responding to a call about an armed robbery at the college up the street. Amazingly, they managed to apprehend the boys (one of whom had a bb gun), cuff them, pat them down, and take them away to the station without a scuffle. Everyone walked away with their lives, including the children (they were all under 18) who were suspected of robbing someone at gunpoint.

Imagine that!

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God, no! He was a middle-aged white guy. That's why I was so afraid!

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Question: the other day I was driving and saw a man in my neighborhood mowing his lawn with a gun holstered on his hip. Should I have called the cops to come execute him? I'm not sure what the standard protocol is.

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Well, I don't know what you guys expect. That news crew was trying to SHOOT those officers...

...with a camera.

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I was really hoping your cooking music for this was going to be this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=upHebizA6TA

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I'm no English teacher, but aren't those the exact three things that make it a metaphor and not just a plain old statement of fact?

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The reparations issue of the Atlantic arrived in our mailbox just in time for a trip MrBossetti & I are about to take to SC & GA. I was going to take it with me everywhere we go, but then I remembered Georgia's "open carry everywhere all the time" law.