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interesting... yes it seems that the Sikhs would naturally support a patron saint of soldiers... they are warriors by definition!

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I believe the Shiv Sena in Mumbai drove out all Paki actors/musicians who wanted to make it big in Bollywood. To me thats as good a first step as any...

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Just read up on this myself -

" Namdharis are easily recognized by their practice of wearing white homespun clothing and by their method of tying the turban horizontally across the forehead. "

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In the fight against Islam in India, the Sikhs have to be given the foremost place of honour. When Muslim invasions began in Ancient India (today's Afghanistan) with Mohammed Ghori circa 1000 AD, the Sikh religion did not exist. At the time, the Rajputs and mainly Kshatriyas fought the barbaric Islamic invaders. The Kshatriyas (Aryan Warriors) however, observed a strict Code of Honour when fighting. This included not attacking non-armed warriors, not attacking women/children/elderly, not attacking at night, or when the enemy is unprepared, not taking slaves, etc- When the Kshatriyas conquered an enemy kingdom, they would ensure full freedom to the natives to practice their customs and beliefs. Thus they would pardon the Islamic invaders, who then attacked them repeatedly. Many of these brave warriors were unable to forsee the damage done by pardoning the lives of those barbaric savages.

The Islamics, ofcourse, did not follow any honour code. They attacked entire cities at night, burnt them down, razed places of worship/temples, killed un-armed citizens by the hundreds of thousands (oftentimes in just one day), took women and children as slaves/concubines.

The Sikh Gurus saw that fighting Islam could not be done in the honorable way. The Muslims who were barbaric and animal-like had to be fought in their own manner. In 1699, the tenth Guru (after several previous Gurus having been assasinated at the hand of Mughals), Guru Gobind Singh brought all Punjabis together and asked for the first sons of each Kshatriya/Jat family (essensially warriors) and formed the "Khalsa" or the military order of Saint Soldiers. The Khalsa order meant that those inducted into it must have the will and the strength to fight oppression. They were to grow beards and mingle and "appear" similar to their enemies. This army fought the Muslims armies on their own terms; every Sikh warrior knew that he could not take prisoners, ie. they killed all Muslims in battle - and took NO prisoners.

Before the British invaded and inflicted further terror on India, the Sikhs had recaptured all of North India and the Marathas had taken Central/Northern India back from the Mughals.

Thus the Muslims to this very day shake and shiver when they see a Sikh.

At the time of India's partition in 1947, the Muslim Pakistanis began burning and butchering entire Sikh villages on the Pakistani side. Trains that were meant to bring escaping Sikhs/Hindus into India from Pakistan began arriving full of dead bodies. The Sikhs again fought back with courage.

To say that the Sikhs have been among the greatest forces in fighting the Evil desgins of Islam is an understatement. I salute all Sikhs and their ancestors, the Wise Gurus who formed the Khalsa and protected India.

Therefore it is up to us to speak up now, that the Sikhs are being driven out of their centuries-old home in current day Pakistan...they have laid down their lives fighting the Evil of Islam and in this difficult hour, need our support and respect.

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh!

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"Turkey," he told me flatly, "is the key to the victory of jihad."

I believe this is true. If Turkey were to be part of the EU, then Turkish people would spread out around the EU and have equal rights to work and live in any of the other member states. Currently the Turkish population in the EU is most dense in Germany, where the immigration of a few leads to the immigration of relatives, etc etc.

Currently, non EU migrants to Europe (unless arriving with a job and a work visa sponsored by the Company), have a wait of atleast three years in order to obtain legal status (atleast in the country I live in). The large majority of those coming in from Islamic backgrounds do come illegally, and often rely on their family/relatives to help them get by during this initial three year legalizing period.

The tendency is for single men who once arrive in hordes to a country, to obtain legal status in three years' time, then marry women from their native places, bring them as spouses, then have several children who're born in the host nation, causing the population of a certain community to increase. This would be true for Turks and lead to a rapid spread of Turks ie Islam around Europe as these people would be legal to live and work anywhere they choose, unobstructed by laws.

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Pardon my French, but the first 100 days have shown that Barak Hussein Obama has no f&#king clue whatsoever.

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Its been a while since "The Hindu" was purchased by the Muslims, ie heavy investment by Saudis to then begin dispersing anti-Hindu, pro-Islamic propaganda. Most Indian MSM is censored for content critical of Islam (except for The Daily Pioneer) as several Muslim, Communist and Evangelical parties have invested in the main sources of Indian news.

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That is certainly no laughing matter; it would be suing-the-restaurant matter if it ever happened to me!

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Way to go Swami!! Join the club (veggie :)

PS. Pardon my ignorance but what is an advanced vegetarian?

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Somni Sengupta is as usual so far off with her biased tripe! I heard she'd left (or been asked to leave) the NYT, why then does she continue to write her tripe?