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!!! I can still post apparently.

That is a breath of fresh air considering what passes for music lately. Thanks for sharing! :-)

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I'd definitely be interested in seeing that. Though I imagine it's laced with mostly profanity and pseudo-l33t speech.

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That's not true!? DARN IT. Now what am I going to spend my evil millions on!?


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Well if the guy is comfortable enough to do that, I don't think he'd care about his name plastered everywhere. Of course if it was accompanied with "disgusting abject moron" he might have an issue... ;)

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If it's modern horror I agree. But who can't love the laughs of Wolfman attacking Dracula? ;)

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Oh yes indeed. Rather fun too. :D

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OK Luis, two things are striking me about this post. Now I will readily admit, Paul's initial comment can be taken the wrong way. One could take that to mean that because of US involvement in the region everyone wants to wipe out Israel. That's not what he's said on other occasions. Rather he says that the US should stop telling Israel what to do and let it defend itself. It seems to me, Paul's quote there really meant: they're in danger because we're there telling them what to do and screwing around with dictators. Not that we leave and suddenly rainbows come out and unicorns dance and elven maidens appear....... great now I want to go read a fantasy novel but I digress..... :D

Second point is Netanyahu's quote. (Whom I like by the way.) It seems to me Netanyahu and Paul are saying the same thing. Mr. N wants to stay allies with the US but reiterates that we don't need to export our system to Israel since they've already got one there. I was particularly interested in his comment about troops. Mr. N doesn't even require our troops there! He seems to be saying in other words: "Look, we're friends. Likely the best friends on the planet. Let us handle our own problems like we let you handle ours."

I say let's follow both Mr. N's and the Paul's advice. Israel is better off, we're better off, and we're not telling basically the only friendly country on the planet what to do anymore. ;)

That's my take. ;)

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How did Beck get that he wanted to end capitalism out of his previous speech? I admit I only watched part of it but it didn't seem remotely anti-capitalist at ALL.

Of course, Beck has been dropping in my opinion for awhile now. Might as well continue to drop.... ;)

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I've heard of the John Birch Society (likely because it used to be based... well... down the street plus at least my dad was a member at one point. I think). I also recall a video from maybe last year where the guys at the Bigs were trying to make a Birch guy looks stupid or something. In point of fact I came away impressed with the Birch society. Minus one for the elite new media..... ;)

After reading that article, I understand why he was a member! Now I'm starting to wonder. Did I get all these anti-policing the world ideas at HOME and am only just realizing it now!? :D

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Spoken like so many other Americans. I can't fault you too much for it. The state of the American family is in shambles. Not due to this one quirk of course. A loss of a moral compass in general.

Both sides of my family (dad's and mom's) don't have this viewpoint. My mom's sister (Italy) still lives at home and she's married. As for my dad's side (Tahlequah), just my uncle. He's got kids and lives with his dad.

As for me, I left home too early. I got caught up in the asinine American concept of "get out on your own". Likely one of my worst mistakes in my life. Now it's too late to rectify.

These days I make a point of going against bad American cultural issues like this one. I can't go back, but maybe some other people my age shouldn absolutely -not- be remotely ashamed of living with the parents. It makes good solid sense regardless of the anti-family American cultural trend.