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OH MY GOD - here you are, in infiltrator, trying to convince us that we are not on the side of right. You regurgitate the use the the "speak" of the main stream media as a mantra. Did you ever think for yourself? Did you ever look at the history of our great country from the perspective of it's founders?

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Chuckflynn, I say to you go way - this is not a forum open to all the liberal ideals of the world - if you want a forum open to all the liberal ideals of the world go to the Daily Kos. I say this knowing you are only here to invoke a reaction from me, a conservative. I say this knowing that you want this sort of response, so you can tell your ultra liberal friends, that you denied access to this website. But. that would not be true. You are here, posting. And I am here, posting the opposing view.

Grow up. When you are pushing 50 years old and have grandchildren, then you will have a voice on this website. Until then, you are simply an imposter, one who only thinks they have the answer to the world's problems.

Yes, I believe that wisdom comes with age. Try it, you may like it.

Go awa7 chuckflynn, for we are NOT listenning.

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Hooray for you 1776time!. "chuckflynn" is an "infiltrator", for lack of a better term. I for one, do not have the time, nor the wherewithall, to spend my precious time surfing the websites of opposing views to post my own. He, "chuckflynn", is only looking for validation. He is not on this website to share with others of like views, so let's not give him the fuel he needs.

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Joeray - while I hold absolutely no love for Nancy Pelosi, she is a perfect example of what is wrong with our litigious culture today. "Admit no wrong" has become a defense against the "lawsuit". A few years ago, I, a lowly peon in my company was told by the owner to "Never admit an error to a client" as this could open the company up to a lawsuit and render the company's errors and ommissions bond insurance coverage null and void. This troubled me on many levels. First, I take great pride in the job that I do, however, I do make mistakes - and have never had a problem standing up and saying - "I screwed up, I made a mistake." This is a value instilled in me from my parents - admit when you have made a mistake, take ownership, then make it right. Second, I had a very real problem lying to my clients. Even though my clients were paying my employer's
invoices, I was the one who had day to day contact with them. They trusted me, not the company who was sending them the bill. I was the company to them. And, I still had a conscience. I understood my employer's point of view, but could not lie to the clients I had day to day contact with. Fortunately I was never in the position to compromise my values, but the mere fact that my employer expected me to do so forced me to seek alternative employment.

Nancy Pelosi is the worst sort of human being. She is power driven. Think of her as the head cheerleader in high school one who thinks the entire world revolves around her. For, no matter her age, that is exactly how she is and how she is acting. She plays petty games, thinking, believing that she is the end all. She feeds on the power she has obtained and is in absolute fear of loosing said power. She believes, on the surface that she is doing the right thing. fact, her unconscious "tells" - the stuttering, the blinking, the "deer in the headlights" look belies her real self. She KNOWS she is wrong. She knows she is covering. It is only a matter of time until her house of cards comes falling down.

I believe that our Constitution will prevail. We, as a nation, will find our way back to our founding principles, we will find our way back to God, for without him we cannot survive.

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I agree with you, JansKid, insofar as I refuse to and will not stoop to their level. The other side of that coin is that we cannot sit idle and allow what is happening to our country to continue. My personal experience has led me to believe that those who allow themselves to be beaten down are complicit. We all have the power within ourselves, realized or not, to not be beat. Right now, the liberals are beating us at our own game. They are using the Christian principle (wether they realize it or not) of inclusion to divide us.

We need to see through the smoke screen and stand up for what we believe - consequences be damned. We need to be more like Miss California and less like a lemming. While I do not promote a vicious attack, I do promote standing up for our beliefs, letting our voices be heard, and being the silent majority no more.

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I am keying in one your use of the word "greed". In your context, I take it to mean that health care professionals are "greedy." It seems to me that the word "greed" has taken on a new meaning in the last decade or so, particularly in the last year or so. I seem to remember being taught as a child that GOD punishes the greedy, I never remember being taught that government punishes the greedy - especially at the expense of We, The People. So, to you, OKTroy, EVERYONE (the needy, the "poor", the illegal aliens), have access to "basic" healthcare. They already have access to the "basic" healthcare you are referring to - it's called public hospitals - and you and I already pay for it!

The reason why a band-aid for your hospital stay costs, let's say $10.00 (I am not even sure that that is not a lowball figure) is because the hospital has to "make up for" the costs of the uninsured and underinsured. Let's not even begin to discuss lawsuits and tort reform.

If we want to make healthcare affordable for everyone - let's start by making everyone paying for some portion of it. Let's second with tort reform. One of the major reasons why the cost of health care is so expensive to those of us who are actually paying for it is the cost of malpractice insurance. This is not simply the fault of the tort lawyers, but also the fault of juries (you and me) awarding ungodly awards for simple mistakes. We as a society, seem to forget that doctors are human - they make mistakes. I am not saying that there should not be any lawsuits, any culpability. However, it seems to me, that we, as a society, have lost all common sense. How else would one explain a million dollar payout to a woman who spilled HOT COFFEE (not a healthcare example, but relevant) ON HERSELF!

I believe that we have the greatest health care system on the planet. That is not to say that our health care system cannot be better, that it cannot be tweaked. The answer lies not with the government. The answer lies with "We, The People." The answer lies with a free market system.

The answer also lies in the court system, of which, "We, The People", are an integral part. The very next time you are called for jury duty and ponder a way to get out of it, remember the MacDonald's "Hot Coffee" trial, remember the O.J. trial. Think about how you might have voted as a member of those juries. Our founding fathers set up our system of government so that each citizen had a voice. That voice is not limited to the voting booth. That voice extends to jury duty. The last word of the preceding sentence defines it - duty. It is our civic duty to serve on juries. When called, one must answer and bring with them all that they have learned, all that they believe, and SOME COMMON SENSE. When juries consist mainly of those who have nothing better to do, or consist of those who are making more money sitting on a jury than sitting at home, we all loose.

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OK you got me in your final paragraph. You say you are "trying to seek the opinion of both sides" yet also say the book I am "touting" (The 5000 Year Leap) will not likely get you to change your opinion, thereby dismissing any value the book may have, and intimating you are not open to the ideas put forth in the book, therefore, why read it?

I was your age once, three or so decades ago. Full of life, full of myself and thinking that my ideas could conquer all that was ill in the world. I came of age toward the end of the Vietnam war. My, how I argued with my father, an Air Force veteran, on the evils of the Vietnam war. We went around and around over that subject and so many others. I argued with him because I thought I was right. He argued with me because he thought he was right. He could not understand my viewpoint, nor I his. As it turned out, on most points, he was right, even though he was drunk most of the time.

But something funny happened - I grew up. Without the benefit of a college education, I worked my way up through the ranks in my industry to a position where I am hard working and very well paid. I supported my children through my own efforts, never receiving ANY government assistance. This was accomplished by the grace of God and my own will.

It is easy to be "liberal" when one is young, unfettered and inexperienced. I, for one, have had to scratch and claw for every piece of the pie that I have. What I have, what I have accomplished, belongs to me - it does not belong to the collective. It does not belong to those who, for whatever reason, do not work as hard as me. Being an American means working for what you have, for what you accomplish. The Bill of Rights is only what it says. The Bill of Rights does not afford us with equal outcome, only equal opportunity. Again, I ask, that you read "The 5000 Year Leap". You seem eager enough to "hear" both sides. The 5000 Year Leap is a primer on all things Constitutional.

With regard to our government and President Obama - that you are actually challenging me on this website, to provide "proof" of my statements, only indicates to me that you are not really listening to both sides. If you were, you would know of the incidents of which I am speaking. If you don't know, then, if you really want to hear both sides, you must educate yourself further - not on blogs, but by actually listening to conservative talk radio.

Ronald Reagan, DID NOT, IN FACT become popular because of his ability to work effectively with Democrats, DESPITE what you have been TAUGHT in school. Ronald Reagan was effective in communicating to every-day Americans what he believed and what he wanted to accomplish. The American people took it from there. The "polls", which you place so much faith in, favored Reagan's philosophy to the extent that the Democratic Congress had no choice but to bow down to the will of THE PEOPLE.

We will reap what we sow. "We" have elected a socialist. Socialism is what we will reap.

Is this what you want? Do you want others who have not put in "the hard work" to share in your rewards?

You may say yes today. What I really want to know, is what is your answer ten years from now? How will you answer when you have children of your own? How will you answer when you have grandchildren of your own? Like I said before, it is easy to be liberal when one is young. It is not so easy when one has to support a helpless baby. Priorities rule.

Kind of like 9/11. Where were you on that day? What were you doing? Who did you call? Who were you worried about? If you cannot answer these questions, then you have no weighted opinion on President Bush's years in office. Just like I cannot fathom what Pearl Harbor must have felt like to my predessors, you cannot imagine what 9/11 felt like to me. And even that is not a perfect analogy, for the World was at war when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and the world was not at "war" when New York was "attacked.

Yet, you remain safe, in your bubble, in school, free to pursue whatever you desire. Why do you think that is? Is it just a freak of nature that you can continue your studies in relative calm while the rest of the world is in chaos? Think about it. Think about it hard. President Bush kept us - kept you - SAFE. Safe from terrorism. Do you really think that if he had have cowtowed to the terrorists that you would be where you are today? Do you really think that if "harsh interrogation techniques" had not been used that you and your family would be safe today?

You can disagree all you want with me regarding President Bush. The fact remains, that we are on this forum today disagreeing because of him.

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I am surprised that no one has responded to your post as of yet. I must admit I have never been an Agnostic in the true sense of the word, however, I have doubted the teachings of my religion, to this day. What I have learned is that Man is fallible, and God is not. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Today's world is clouded in grey. But, when one confronted with right vs. wrong, beliefs aside, I have to believe, that we side with right. What you and the main-stream media neglects is that Christianity, in and of itself, is not a religion. It is a system of beliefs. Christianity is above and beyond all things secular. Christianity is not Catholic or Prodesatant, it is right vs. wrong. Christianity is not has nothing to do with a belief in God. Christianity has everything to do with how we interact with our fellow citizens. One does not have to be a believer in our religion,

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OK ProudAgnostic, I will take the bait. First of all, I am almost 50 years old and have NEVER been polled. Polling seems to happen between 9 and 5, when most reasonable and mainstream Americans are WORKING. I believe polling is by telephone to home phones. That leads me to believe that the polls are skewed to those who are at home Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. If this is the case, the polling data leaves out all working Americans, and includes only those Americans who are either retired or who are not retired and not working. Any American not working and not retired is either looking for work (and therefore may not be home to answer the phone) or is not working, not retired and already receiving government assistance. This being the case, the polling data is already skewed way left. Those of us on the right are WORKING when the polls are being taken. In my estimation, polling is and always has been skewed to the left, which is in the words of our founding fathers - total government control.

The Republican Party is NOT currently the voice of conservatives, that died when Reagan left office. The Republican party has left conservatism. Conservatives do not have the minority opinion, they simply have the least popular opinion. Popularity as defined in the main stream media is whatever the main stream media says it is. We, the people, on this site, still believe in a higher ideal. We believe in freedom. We believe that our founding fathers had the right idea. We, the people, do NOT believe in any party. We believe in ourselves. This site is NOT a forum for Republicans. This site is for Americans who still believe in our founding fathers and what they stood for.

As far as working constructively toward a better America, tell that story to President Obama. It is one thing to say you are open to ideas from all sides. It is another thing altogether, to espouse the idea. While President Obama talks out of one side of his mouth and SAYS he is open to ideas from "all sides". he shuts down all communication with the comment - "We won."

Our duly elected President is nothing more than a ego-maniacal persona. All he cares about is himself. While President Bush has his issues with regard to big government, HIS ADMINISTRATION, kept us safe from future attacks.

I beg to differ with regard to Reagan - he - did NOT espouse "middle ground", he worked, pushed for, what he wanted, and he got it. That you believe that the Republican party has become the party of "radical ideas" and stonewall methods" only belies the fact that you are simply listening to, being spoon fed, the ideas, the sentiment of the main-stream media, otherwise known as "the left".

Do yourself a favor and get a copy of "The 5000 Year Leap", just go to and type it in. You'll find it. Buy the book. Read it. Them come back to this forum. I can guarantee you, your perspective will change.

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NancyNurse - thank you for posting here. People need to know how terrible our "government sponsored healthcare" system is for the citizens we, as Americans, should be holding in our highest regard. I would like to encourage you to contact Glenn directly. I believe your story is something that warrants nationwide exposure. I also believe that Glenn would believe the same. When he is ready to expose "government sponsored healthcare" for the farse that it really is, your story is paramount.