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Thank you for doing that David! And for giving my bandwidth a little cushion!!

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IIRC the then owners of WSSH owned "Easy Favorites of Yesterday and Today" and a station in Burlington, VT, tried using the slogan and even got the calls WEZF but were stopped by Lerner. Not sure if it ever went to legal but WEZF has the calls to this day and simply buries them much as many stations do today but for a quick legal ID on top. I agree that the 'music sweep' is a good idea but is often poorly implemented by stations who boast of "fewer commercials" turning a negative into a positive (which is a slog from the get-go.) The upside to WSSH was the optional 'talk-up' (but not to post or for the sake of the talk-up) and the unrushed backsell on the back half of the hour before the 3 sets of spots. There was also an invitation to call the listener line. Many people would call off air just needing someone to talk with.

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I don't know how common it was, however, I do recall (could be mistaken) that the phrase was used a lot around that time. The goal was straightforward in that it took the rating service diary system and drew listeners 'across the quarter hours'. :55 gave you Q4 and :35 gave you Q3 so 40 minutes could give you a full hour for 1 listener. It worked. Wish had super numbers during that time. After Noble took over and Mike Colby (Lerner's highly successful PD) left the clock was changed. The numbers lost their edge and WMJX became a bigger player in that 'sound' again. b

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Thank you. Such a long time ago. And I was always my worst/best critic. So I still cringe but acknowledge that it was a great opportunity for a young guy to do something so enjoyable.

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I just hope he doesn't go nova from overexposure. If he stays true to his message he can get one of two things - the PM chair or a sweet gig in the U.S. with a couple of commas to the right of the dollar sign.

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I appreciate Glenn and his unending desire to save this nation. A distinction that needs to be made is one regarding Glenn's view that America was divinely inspired by God. I don't find that in the Bible. I do believe that the founders of this great nation were Godly people, perhaps believers in the sufficient blood of Christ for salvation. It is spirit-filled and spirit-lead people who made the right decisions that yielded the greatest nation on earth. But, no, American was not divinely inspired.

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;-) "Place your hand on the telephone and repeat the words 'Obama' three times."

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Love how AIG is taking the feds to court over a few mere million due to a tax matter involving a dual benefit from another country. You're welcome AIG. In case you're wondering, here in Vermont the state routes have devolved into Currier & Ives with potholes and broken axles. 1.1B to VT will, in part, go to a bike path in Burlington. Oh, waiter?

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Thank you!

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"Puppies don't forget, Cat. I'll be a dog soon."