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I see the same thing in Longsight, Manchester,Bolton,Rochdale,Oldham when i started working for the company, I could not believe my own eyes! Its at that point I started to read books and look on the internet for information on this nightmare, I found the BNP site and joined as a gold member as to stand any chance, not only does immigration have to be stopped but we also need to start sending them back. As part of my job i have to go into house where the tenants cannot speak any english, they dont work, they watch the t.v its Islamic and the whole area is the same not just a street but a whole district.

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Labours campaign against the white people of this country knows no bounds, lets hope they are well and truly kicked out at the next election. This country of ours has been brought to its knees by these cowards and traitors. Everyone of us should promote the BNP to family and friends, to grab as much support as possible. Wake up sheeple and smell the coffee, in some parts of the country that may be curry.

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Fantastic news we are on the up and big time,

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Makes me sick to my stomach, to think that I as a taxpayer am paying for this lot of maggots.

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Unbelievable but true, I want to see the gallows set up and the tratiors swinging from them.
Nick Griffin for Prime Minister.

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The coward Jack Straw did not no were to look when Nick Griffin hit him with the bomshell that Straw's father was in prison for refusing to fight during ww2, Whilst Nick Griffin's father was serving in the R.A.F. Well done Nick that was a bolt from the blue.

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Well done Nick Griffin MEP a true lion, the cowards and liars in the bbc set up where seen for what they are, the British are not stupid.
Nick Griffin and the BNP onwards and upwards, you have our full support.