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I never watch it, I know it will always be politically correct vomit and I’d rather enjoy Christmas than have that sickening nonsense shovelled down my throat. And yes she should be tried for treason for her active part in handing over our sovereignty to the EU.

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A lot of those students attending this protest actually got mugged by those that kept their faces covered; clearly muggers simply took advantage of this protest for their own ends.

In any case this will get a lot worse, the left wing communists are stirring up anger amongst the ethnic community, claiming the usual discriminatory nonsense, hoping they’ll come out in huge numbers. These left wing communists are trying to start a revolution, the same groups set up and funded by the Labour party, their foot soldiers. Will Cameron/Clegg do anything about it? Probably not, they’re still sitting on the oppressive contingency act. Was this all planned for that purpose? Who’s really using who here?

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I don’t know why everyone is getting so angry over what repugnant communist Marr had to say, I find him pathetically comical and I do have a good laugh at him whenever he opens his gob, the guy is a one dimensional transparent fool, so typical of the BBC and left wing, he knows people are laughing at him and that he isn’t seen as a real journalist, because he simply isn’t one. Marr is just jealous because he believes that he is superior to everyone else, in typical delusional communist fashion, and yet he has to stomach the knowledge that the ordinary person in the street is far more intelligent, aware, and capable than he is at his own profession.

I should point out that he isn’t the first to bemoan ‘real people telling the truth’ journalism. The grip these vile people once had is very weak and getting weaker by the day, people don’t want to listen to their gibberish incoherent nonsense anymore, we live in the real world and see things as they really are, the propaganda these backward neanderthal commies push on us doesn’t work anymore, and they know it. You only have to read the comment section to pretty much every article these people write to see the overwhelming truthful and justified opposition to their nonsensical ramblings, even the Guardian readership is turning. The pendulum is swinging back and they don’t like it, it’s fantastic!

The days of these backward idiots is coming to an end and they’re terrified and panicking, and so they should be, we know who the traitors and liars in our midst are, and they know judgement is coming.

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Nice to see the Guardian with such low sales! Considering that it contains a daily job section you do have to wonder, especially in an economic time like this, how many of that pitiful number actually buy it solely for the job section rather than reading it! In other words its actual readership is even lower.

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There are other reasons Labour created so many non-jobs, first to give more jobs to ethnic minorities, it’s firmly established that the public sector recruits based solely on a politically correct criteria where ability isn’t a requirement. Just check any government office in an enriched area and it’s spot the whitey.

Secondly they needed to create a false economy; Labour knew nothing of business or economics and had no idea whatsoever how to help Britain flourish. So they created these non-jobs to keep unemployment down during their time in office knowing full well they could cook the books to cover the real costs, and give the false impression of prosperity.

Thirdly they wanted to ‘spread the wealth’ as they called it, this was more than just selling off everything they possibly could to foreigners, immigration, and outsourcing, it also meant, as stated in point one, employing ethnics/foreigners that they knew would send a large proportion of their wealth abroad, thus damaging our economy further.

It is somewhat laughable that the same people they propelled to a worship like status are now the ones who’ll be getting the boot, and they only have themselves to blame. They know full well the private sector won’t touch them, especially with so many highly qualified private sector workers looking for work, this is why Diane Abbot is kicking up a stink about protecting black people in the public sector from job loses, she knows full well the private sector isn’t going to recruit based on colour the way the public sector did, and she knows her people can’t compete with the rest of society. Note however, that the racist inequality bill was put into force to force employers to employ the unemployable over whites because Labour knew this was coming.

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Off topic, and a little late, but I'm wondering if any of you have ever read this analysis of the BNP under Griffin; it also explores the possibility of Griffin being a state asset and the BNP being used by the NWO for its own purposes. It’s a long read but very thought provoking and it certainly coincides with my suspicions.

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'Today, we have our own electronic version of an 'underground press' in the form of websites, blogs, multiple email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. These are all being used to keep alive the uncensored version of news and events, the politically-incorrect true facts, and the incontrovertible message of British patriotism that there IS a thriving and successful British Resistance to foreign invasion, and that, one day, British Nationalism will win back control of our homeland and send the invaders packing.'

The summary of this article clearly points to the Internet as today’s equivalent of the Dutch newspapers, which I’m justifiably stating ‘isn’t enough’. So ‘Errrr – Duh perhaps you need better glasses to read the bigger picture presented here.’

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Great post Anglo_AusAllies, I do hope it hasn't fallen on deaf ears.

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'Today, we have our own electronic version of an 'underground press' in the form of websites, blogs, multiple email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.'

I'm sorry to burst your bubble here but this simply isn't enough. Millions of people do not have internet access and many of those that do have no interest in visiting nationalist or truth movement websites even if they feel thoroughly aggrieved by the current situation.

The fact is the way the Dutch did things is the way forward, nationalists and truthers need to print out the articles they read and leave them everywhere they go, on tubes, buses, trains, cafes, libraries, bus stops, pubs, EVERYWHERE and they must do this daily, it’s an easy thing to do as you go about your daily business. The government would be powerless to stop it even if they introduced laws to prevent it. It must be a nationwide overwhelming relentless barrage of information. A centralised website of stories from nationalist and truth movement websites can be created as an easy source for those willing to spread the truth in such a manner, they can then pick and choose topics to spread, and not just the same tired old stories on multiculturalism and immigration that everyone already knows about. The cost is small, honestly, I can print out about 200 copies of this article alone and it will cost me no more than a few quid using budget paper and compatible ink cartridges.

In addition an organised movement of talented individuals could create and print up newspapers for widespread distribution, the money can be raised from donations.

Relying solely on the internet achieves next to nothing. The Dutch method worked because they brought the information to the people not the other way around which is the way the internet works.

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Is anyone taking names of those teachers involved in this? It is clear to me that they aren't fit to teach and they, when the time comes, should be removed from teaching for life, they are clearly extremely sick in the head.