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im so glad that i jsut had to pay $60.00 to black hawk county bc the handle to my glove box broke off and bc of this i was unable to show proof of ins. im so glad that $60.00 is helping to pay his fine. look the issue i have is that anyone who is employed by the government to uphold the law should be held to a higher standard, he knew the consiquences of his actions prob better then anyone else. im sorry i have no pity for a judge who got drunk, drove his car, and could of very easily killed someone. Would that of been enough to disbar him i wonder...

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Its a simle abuse of power. this "Teacher" when you in a situation like a parent or a teacher student stitatuion its ease as the student to start to feel a bond with the Sr. person. its simply psyschology, becasue of this sort of relationship is trust. the reason we as free thinking adults is becue we all have issues when people take advantave of that sort of "Sacred " bond.

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"Osborn, 26, told the deputies that he hit McKay in the head with a baseball bat around 3 a.m. Sunday, and then choked her because he didn’t want her to suffer" seriously getting hit with a bat hurts, if you've ever choked on anything before it hurts, seriously what is wrong with this kid?

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how could you say that, this is a tragic incident, im sorry you have no feelins toward the well being of the family. the person who was killed was someones sister, friend, and inlaw of someone. if you are so heartless that you feel that you can joke about something like this then you are almost as sick as the monster that could do this.

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homeless can span a large varity of causes, but remember that everyone has a story and if people werent so damned busy and wrapped up in thier own lives, maybe just maybe reached out we could all make a positive diffferance.

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god bless thankyou to you, your family, and everyone whose lives you touched... thankyou

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funny because im pretty sure that weall would a gree that coaches like mac brown, pete carole and other fantastic coaches have all had players get in troubel with the law. its funny becasue if this guy were any joe blow on the street no big deal because he plays football everybody has a problem.

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look the incident is far to grey to really give any of us an idea what really happened. i do know that the bouncers probably had a reason to do what they did. we dont know what provoked the incident as far as mr yins actions during the course of the evening. and to the person who said jsu tstay home... most people do but every now and again its nice to go out in public now its about moderation, but to have an ice cold beer at a bar...hard to beat!!!

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dyehappy, the problem with you concept; a lie dector is not conclusive enough to charge someone with, thats why test results are not admissable in court, second of all if the tables were turned and you were the person lieing on the ground bleeding from a stab wound, and your attacker was comming to what you precived as another attack wouldent you want the officer to shoot... i know i would!!!

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i saw that i agree leagelizing marijuana though i thouhgt it was funny when the guy said that the dea could still raid them