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and you know they dont care.. well the only thing they care about is power.. that is it.. just to keep power.. it's no longer about being civil and keeping bipartisanship .. its about them, and keeping power.. which is sad because this is what will hurt the people the most.. we are going to see so many die in these deep 'red' states.. just from the virus alone because they wont get vaccinated ...

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at least our congress critter voted for democracy.. all of the ones that voted nay should be tried as traitors

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:D hehehee

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you gave me one many many years ago.. but i have never really used it

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couldnt figure out how to embed it ...

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Their latest trick is spoofing 'local' numbers... I wont answer if I dont know the number.. and then if they dont leave a message I block it. It has to be getting bad because I use to not get spam calls at all but now I can get up to 10 a day.

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I still at times recall our times on KATU and KPTV .. man how time has moved on..

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It's one of the reasons why I left facebook, soo much false information that was twisted to the point it became echo chambers for the ones with no open mind and desperately looked for people who thought and acted liked them.

I am all for having an open conversation but it needs to be with people that will actually listen and take into consideration what is being said.

I work in a very conservative field, I mean conservative, when some found out I was liberal they looked at me like I grew a 3rd eye. It was like they could not believe someone normal (or as normal as can pass for) can be liberal and not a raving lunatic that fox news and cheeto von tweeto makes them out to be.

There was one guy that was ranting about how the dems wanted to change the constitution and that he believed it should be just like what the original framers did. I looked him dead in the eye and asked.. you know what amendments are right? 1st amendment, 2nd amendment?... he was like yeah! I am protecting my second amendment! I was like.. those are changes .. to the original constitution.. the framers of the constitution intended for it to be changed .. it's why they do amendments..

Watching the wheels as he truly thought this through was amazing..

After that he and another one would come to and ask if something was true that they heard and we would have some interesting conversations.

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I was wondering... i went to reply to your comment from earlier and .. here we are back with intensedebate.. i kinda like it .. have had it for a reeeaaalllyyyy long time... it's where we all met! but as you can see it's been a while since I logged in