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This issue is a direct result of mathematical illiteracy.

The credit card system devalues the people that can pay over the those who can't because it can create a potential cash flow. This is how our government has been operating devaluing the educated, hard working, enterprising and experienced individuals by spreading the wealth around to control the masses, and offsetting the debt to the next generation of potential voters who will continue to relinquish their power to their masters for a hand out. The ugly truth is we are the prisoners in this dilemma. The cooperative option is to remain silent and keep the ball rolling, the individualist option is to blow the lid off the scam and bring the whole system down.

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Yes, Its Political Correctness Syndrome

The Mexican Flu
The Obama 100 day Flu
The BailOut Bug
The Trans Spector Flu -- when you catch it and you become a Democrat aka Swine

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Waterboarding should be included in the next summer Olympic games.

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The modern American economic system is not capitalistic, it is a modified free enterprise system in a constant state of flux and corruption. There is no American alive that knows true capitalism and many probably would not have the stomach for such a system and hence the reason why we drift toward socialism. The system we have is evolving by the hand of 'change' which some believe is necessary because life is simply not fair and others simply love the instability and the power it provides. That's why we need a set of principles and values to agree upon and live by -- then it will not matter what label you place on it.

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After watching this:


And reading this:


Makes you want to tar-and-feather the custodians of our financial system without prejudice.

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First things First. We need a solution to local warming before we attempt the global warming...


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Isn't this a job for the Rev. Jesse Jackson?

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Is this an issue about denial of access?

I find this as simply an attempt to use an event to demonstrate and or advance ones emotional or political agenda. It increases or maintains their political capital with those who can relate to a situation emotionally. Who's against gays at the Easter Egg Roll?

The fact is when one is unhappy with the laws of probabilities and statistics they find ways to change the odds in their favor. Do we need more gay parents with children?

Politicians will use any event or circumstance to further their agenda or beliefs and political base.


I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.


Don't try to unfairly stack the deck in your favor.

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So does this mean the Easter Bunny is gay?

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I think the operative word in the constitution is 'coin', and therefore paper currency, which is nothing more than an IOU is perfectly legitimate means of recording financial transactions between willing parties. I'm wondering if this currency ( http://www.monopoly-history.com/images/hasbromone... ) is worth more than the US dollar now.