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My kids are in their late-twenties. They're responsible and thoughtful people. So don't worry your pretty little head.

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Well, now, wait a minute. Do we know what the automated voice sounds like? Maybe they gave it a sexy voice. Everybody LOVES getting woken up by a sexy voice.

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I call salt shaker! Dibs! Dibs!

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I didn't think things could get anymore entertaining than when Juan Williams and Mother Jones' David Corn appeared together on NPR's Diane Rehm Show. But I was DEAD WRONG! (Holy fuck, I just bored the crap right out of myself.)

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This sounds just like what my idiot sister does all the time: "Methadone is WRONG! There's no justifiable excuse to EVER use Methadone! It's THE EXACT SAME THING as heroin!! If you hear somebody stutter, they're probably using METHADONE!

" I got only take it because I get tension headaches."

True story.

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When my son was four years old he came up with the idea of shooting lasers into the atmosphere to separate tornadoes and hurricanes so they wouldn't hurt people anymore.

But Raese's thing could work too, I suppose.

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I think it's ADORABLE that Beck thinks the only way this Donald Duck masterpiece could've been created was through federal funding. He can't fathom that someone in the GENERAL POPULATION would have done this for the love of making Beck look stupid. And that it was done FOR FREE.

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Ooh. Pudding boyfriend. I like the sound of that. I was just going to lick whipped cream off my boyfriend while listening to the debate, but this sounds MUCH better.

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Now see, if it were me, I'd ALSO take the very few times during my day when my lips aren't firmly planted on my boss' ASS (or wherever) to have some much needed ME time.

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When this woman said she would've let it go if Buck had just said he was sorry, that wasn't true. There NEVER would've been a time when her response to Buck's apology would've been, "Oh, that's okay. Water under the bridge." NEVER.