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What the....

~Jaw dropped~

- Steven

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This article was written by PM... but if you are talking about the website or something else - thanks! :)

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Hi PM,

The videos that you link do not prove anything.

Since when did I dispute the existence of Islamic extremism? Since when did I say that there is not a serious problem of mainstream Islamic extremism? I have never disputed that, so your videos do not change my mind about anything.

The only 'proof' you really can give about the lack of Moderate Muslims would be something along the lines of a Pew public opinion poll, which shows widespread support for jihadism amongst Muslims both in the West and in the Mideast. Or you can point to the lack of adequate organizations of Moderate Muslims, refuting, disputing, and going after Islamic extremism. But even that does not show that there are no Moderate Muslims. It only shows there are no politically relevant Moderate Muslims. It does not prove that Islam is evil to its core; it only proves that far too many Muslims adhere to a philosophy of Islamic extremism.

I would like to add that Eastern Orthodox churches still contain antisemitic liturgy to this very day. Is Christianity evil to its core? What about the fact that, when polled, Christians in the Mideast support Israel at rates barely noticeably different from Muslims? According to your thinking, that would 'prove' that Christianity is evil to its core.

I reject such ways of thinking. Islam has a problem, and the Islamic world has a problem. This hardly proves that, theologically, Islam is inherently evil. And even if it is, we are in no position to debate theology, so why enter that debate?

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Thanks ratherdashing. :-)

I didn't realise that, it should remember your name and email address regardless of whether or not you register for an Intense Debate account. Thanks for the tip!

If you register, it remembers your details.

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At the moment any new comments will not be backed up, but all old comments have been backed up.

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Stop talking to yourself! ;-)

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Inset Comment!

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Wow, I am logged in as Culture For All now!

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