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You're right, I'm very wise to listen closely to Mr. Manning. With that in mind, what do you think: are the Conservatives?

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I guess I still don't understand what is so not fair or logical about reputation points, to the point of offending. Are you saying you're worried about Rogers' efforts to be sufficiently inclusive with their site, i.e., that someone less indifferent than you to so-called reputation points might be discouraged from participating by the existence of a quick 'n' dirty means for others to register their dis/agreement?

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Feel free to not care about that stuff.

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You're Style, baby. Style is Style, always and forever. Now what was that incredibly unpopular comment again?

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Or "Won't Get Fooled Again," specifically, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

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Well, Mr. Manning described it more as poaching other parties' ideas rather than generating your own and an overdependence on the civil service, etc. Policy-wise, I'm not one to agree with him on much. As far as this explanation goes, I think it resonates somewhat.
As for the stuff, you list, I would compare the Conservatives' promises regarding the gun registry, Senate reform, tough on crime legislation, etc. to the Libs' promises regarding climate change, national child care, etc: things that can be promised but not delivered for a while without losing the support of those people who are inclined to back you, but things that if you keep promising, your supporters will eventually punish you for not delivering.

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Oh, so you really don't get it? Fair enough, I guess.

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My favourite part was when the overly-precious hippie's wife made the PM cease and desist.

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Preston Manning on Cross Canada Checkup yesterday (oh those lefties and Harper haters at the CBC!!!) said he believes it comes from being in power for a long time, that you run out of intellectual capital and stop doing the hard work needed to continually renew your party.

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Recognizing that it may just be an issue of perspective, I find that I'm dismissed as being less Canadian by Conservatives than the other way around.