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he is nothing but a liar.

Almost everything he says is a two-faced lie.

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I will

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Hey there.

I'm a 17 year-old from California.

I'm planning on starting a club at my high school based on the 9/12 principles and values.

Please comment.

I'h hoping for any and all helpful advise and ideas.

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trust me, I know.

I'm 17 and it's even worse in the high schools.

The educational system is the problem.

They don't prepare you for life. They prepare you to be a LIBERAL.

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(please don't ignore this message because it is lengthy. I stayed up until 1:30 am. writing it. My mom is really mad.)

You see, my only problem with that is...

Just last year I was required to do an English report on some form of controversial subject, and you can only guess what the subject was.

Evolution VERSUS Creationism.

You see, the topic is very close to my heart, as when I was younger, being the inventive and imaginative little boy I was ( I had, and still have an encyclopedia set in my room and I was constantly drawing designs for "Hovercrafts", "Gravity-Powered Generators", and "Laser Guns"), one day I asked my dad, "why can't evolution and creationism both be right?"

He told me that since Evolution says that life started in a very simple form and became more complex over time and that we evolved from primates, it completely contradicted the Genesis story, which clearly states that it took God six day to create the heavens and the earth.

Now, as your probably thinking yourself, that answer is just not good enough. I had to look into it at a more scientific perspective. Now, after a long time, when I was offered an excuse to do that research as a school project, I was thrilled. I would finally find the answer. And I did. The THEORY of Evolution has many flaws. One of which is that ( I didn't read this in any books or on the internet, I pieced it together myself) Evolution says that every few hundred thousand years or so, a series of mutations creates an adaption that benefits a species. Now when you realize the perfectly logical reasoning that with the process of sexual reproduction that we and other multi-celled organisms use, genetic information is lost every generation. A single (and even multiple) offspring can't possibly obtain ALL of the genetic information that both parents have. It's just not possible. We only get half of each of their genes. One of them might have some genes for immunity against a disease that the other doesn't have. There is a good probability that I or some of my offspring won't receive that genetic information (my four sisters and I are all one-half Swedish. Most of my cousins are blonde, but only one of my sisters is blonde.) Unless somehow, both parent's bodies can know which genetic information the other doesn't have so that they can give it to the offspring, the sexual reproduction system is going to be flawed. It is therefore an IMPERFECT system.

Now that that is explained. If we lose a good amount of genetic information every generation, how is a little mutation every few hundred thousand years going to help at all. Through very much and ongoing research, I have come to my own conclusion that we are actually devolving. We are losing genetic information at an alarming rate. The only way to stop it would be to completely stop sexual reproduction and just start cloning people. Now, cloning is a new frontier, so I have no idea how it would turn out. I personally don't like the idea, but hey, what ya gunna do

Please don't just push this aside as an impossibility. It is rooted in simple reasoning and logic. People keep asking me for sources on my ideas, but frankly, I don't have very many. I simply come up with the ideas on my own. I mean, just look around you, with even the slightest climate changes, entire species disappear in weeks. How is a new species every few MILLION years supposed to make up for that loss. It just doesn't add up. Especially with all the "climate change" science has discovered that has happened over just the last few thousand years. Please think it through on your own and reply back.

I enjoy stimulating conversations on such important issues such as this. My classmates actually don't like talking about these subjects. You would never have guessed, right? It is just too "deep" for many of them, and that really worries me. An entire generation that just simply, DOESN'T CARE.

You know, some people like News_Across have been attacking me because of my age, but I think that Albert Einstein was very correct when he stated, "science is nothing more than refined common sense." And frankly, even a five-year-old has common sense.

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Personally, I'm glad for the fact that he won't be killing any more PEOPLE (not "late term fetuses", but people).

I'm am however very sorry that it took the loss of his life to make it happen.

Extreme actions cause extreme actions. Not to say that they "call for" extreme actions, but there are crazy people out there who will snap more easily than normal people.

I would have been perfectly fine with protests and a change of law.

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thank you!

you finally understand!

it is both democrats AND republicans we are angry at!

oh wait, do those exclamation points mean I am YELLING?

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not just that, but aren't we being forced by the Feds to pay for someone else who can't hold a job?

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How about the Bill of Rights?!

Amendment 10: The powers not delegated to the United States (the federal government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or the people.

The Constitution might not ACTUALLY say anything at all about the right to fail, but the TENTH AMENDMENT says that any rights not stated in the Constitution are given to the State governments or the people.

Last time I checked, neither the states nor the people ever relinquished that right to the Federal government.

If I'm wrong, please name the State, law, and date of passing. j/k

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the FREE MARKET thing is not nonsense, but very, very true.