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The protection mechanism depends upon the type of radiation. If it's alpha particles then just piling melanin around the nucleus could provide some absorptive protection. Beta particles (electrons) lose energy continuously as they travel through matter, but electron path lengths are measured in cm so a few molecules of melanin are not gonna make a big difference. For gamma radiation, it's unlikely the melanin can provide any protection. Gamma photons typically interact with matter rarely and usually the photon is consumed (the exception is Compton effect rare the photon is scattered at lower energy).

This effect is still pretty cool and I would like to get some of the fungus in a lab to work out a mechanism. Guess all that training in radiological physics finally paid off but I'm sorry that I couldn't figure out a way to work in a joke about trucknuts or something.

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But they're manly bosoms so your manly erection is permitted.

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Just throw me out of the air lock and be done with it.

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You do not know to write poetry.

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You can't fool me there ain't no sanity clause.

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Ask for a jury trial. The verdict would be acquittal for reason of sanity.

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My high school age daughter says the same thing. I'd like to take some credit but I think she figured this out on her own. The kids are gonna be alright.

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Guess they can refer to the new law as The Stand Your Playground Law.

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No Jesus with the Constitution. I say it's a fake.

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You'd need a second mountain for the double (treble?) chins in triplicate.