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I look at that picture and I hear the yugioh theme.... I think I must have broken something in my brain again.. oh well

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My only notes are that I still can't help but think of the fan song "awoken" when discord thaws out and this would have been better as a two parter (but I ain't the one footing the production bill to make this show so I am happy with whatever they deem fit)

(very) slightly altered "awoken" lyrics, they still have a few parts that don't match but still pretty fitting I would say.

What cause have I to feel glad?

I've built my life on judgement and causing pain

I don't know those eyes I see in the bloodstained chrome

Now everything that I've had

And everything I've known have been thrown away;

And with time, I've come to find this isn't my home

I've stoked the fire

Seen more pain than you can know

The tears of the broken have washed away my soul ((when he breaks Twilight comes to mind))

Pushed by desire

To change the way my stream will flow

Now I've awoken, and I'm taking back control

I try my best to block out the screams

But they're haunting me in my dreams

Please, break my shackles, I want it to stop

I man these wretched machines

Day in, day out, the grinding wears on my brain

Undermining my sanity, making me question my reality

But life is not as it seems

Should I take a chance for freedom and or throw it all down the drain?

I've been imprisoned, please burn my transgressions away

I'm sick of hurting,

Sick of thinking it's all I do

I break those around me, those spared are very few

But the bright sun is burning

And my sky shines, ever blue

Friendships surround me; I'm becoming a part of you

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Thats what I was about to say, good to know I am not the only one to see, "slap dat flank!"

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*shudders* amen brother, hadn't thought of that but it would indeed

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ah, so that explains our political system, good to know

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You do realize that even on earth the old style outhouses are exactly that right?
I mean there is normally a bench with a hole in it so you don't gotta hover but just sayian.

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I keep thinking of that one scene from "Open season"

Just imagine, you trailing along next to Pinkie through the everfree to Zeccora's when,

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Rule #63 is so potent it has leaked into the factories electrical systems.

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I have been hearing a lot about toilet spiders lately.
Almost makes me not want to use public restrooms, which btw, if I open the stall door to find that looking back... I won't need to anymore anyways....

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but then what happens when you walk back to the table? especially if your a a picnic or something like the apple family reunion?