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Ehhh, to be honest I'm not really into it anymore. I still think it's a good show, but I don't really have time for it anymore, what with the giant mutant gerbil infestation attacking the southwest.

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I'm glad that even after the huge dramastorm, Planet Head is appearing in the show again. Sure we may never see him in speak again, but it's nice to see the animators still care. Damn soccer moms.

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Aww, how sweet. Just remember to use protection and plenty of lube.

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I kinda feel like this episode failed as a good children's show though. One of the charms of a show like this is that is has good clean morals that can help kids (and adults) in their real lives. Now the morals we're told were all well and good, stick up for your beliefs and don't take shortcuts that could ruin you long term, but the morals we're actually shown are a different story. Sure nobody is going to have to deal with magic spells or vampire horses, but plenty kids are going to have to deal with animal rights or pest control at some point. It's just setting up a lot of tots for a bad time.

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Ooh! Those chibi charms are kinda cute. I might get me a couple of those.

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I'm fine with this. No one ever really came up with a name that stuck for this guy, at least not in the way that names like Lyra, Bon Bon or Octavia did. Bulk Biceps has nice alliteration.

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She's Squidward! She's Squidward! Your Squidward! I'm Squidward! Are there anymore Squidwards I should know about?

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A doctorate well demonstrated by your stunningly well thought out and eloquent arguments. Forgive me for not recognizing the academic achievements of a stranger on the internet. Truly you have evaporated my fears about the mental state of the fan base.