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"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Obama."


"Coming to theaters everywhere in November... "The Death of Medusa"!

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I've been wondering - with the pull-out of some of Rush's sponsors, I would assume that a number of sponsors who didn't pull out (and those on a "waiting list" or of a "let's see what happens" mentality) might be filling up the ad spots that were vacated. Love him or hate him, you can't deny that he's the most-listened to radio host in the nation. And when it comes to business, advertising on his show is makes good business sense. Especially since the truth behind Sandra Fluke's background is now being exposed by conservative citizen journalists (but not on the liberal news shows). Looks like Carbonite jumped ship to save money, using this as a feeble excuse, because when I last looked, the company was still advertising on ultra-liberal Ed Schultz's show. And he has called at least one conservative woman a slut - and that remark was unwarranted misogyny, it was NOT directly related to her wanting others to pay for her birth control, either, as it was with Rush's observation about Fluke ($1,000 a year for birth control? That's a lot of extracurricular sex).

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Simply wonderful anecdote about Andrew, Christian. Thank you for sharing it (and I know precisely the video you're referring to) -- but dammit, now I'm crying again.

Conservatives, even those who never met him, did appreciate Andrew during his life -- we may come to appreciate him even more in his death.

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I hope he does... Bloodbath II is nearing and as shocked as Democrats were in November 2010 (which they've managed to forget), November 2012 will be even more decimating for the Socialist Democrat party. Hope Barack hasn't let the payments go delinquent on his Chicago house.

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And all the white, black, Asian, and Latina conservative women who admired his tenacity, courage, and energy to force the liberal/socialist Obama-lap-dog media to do their job once in a while and to be as zealous in reporting political corruption as they did when Bush was in office. Obama and his administration have been given a pass for too long - Andrew was passionate about exposing the truth, and did it despite the death threats, the character assassinations, the mocking and maligning. He offered $100,000 to anyone who had audio or video proof of the "racist" tags lying libs put on him. Naturally, no one had any proof. Or didn't need the 100 grand.

Leftists hate facts, hate the truth, and feared and loathed Andrew Breitbart, so the "leftwing smear machine"- especially during the scandalous "Weinergate" last summer - had to be revved up in an effort to destroy Breitbart. And it failed.

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I'm in utter shock. I'm at work now, but am having such trouble holding back my tears. I never met Andrew, but being a loyal reader of all his "Big" websites, feel as though I've lost a dear friend, a true lover of America and her freedoms. May he rest in peace and prayers go to his family to cope with the shock during this terrible time.

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Moore was one of Barack's most vocal, ardent cheerleaders once upon a time. He went berserk with tweets against Obama about Libya in March, and now THIS. The bloom is off the commie rose... please pass the pork rinds and Twinkies.

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You're hilarious, thanks so much for the laughs.

Are you sure you meant to type "Buckwheat controlled website"? Or did you mean it to read "Cream of Wheat controlled website"? Or, "Wheaties controlled website"? Or, '"Wheat Field with Cypresses controlled website"? Or, "Wil Wheaton controlled website"? Am never sure with you libs.

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Oh, my - hilarious. Nearly doused my keyboard with coffee while reading this.

Fact: Every single bit of Barack Obama's school records from elementary school through Harvard have been locked up so that the public cannot view them, and it is believed he performed poorly and/or flunked many of his classes in high school and at Columbia U and Harvard. It is also believed that had it not been for influential people in the Chicago machine, he would have never been appointed to be in charge of the Harvard Law Review (his writing abilities are grotesquely inferior to his predecessors) nor groomed for Illinois politics. May have not graduated at all.

Fact: The bronze statue of Obama as a young boy that was erected in Jakarta, Indonesia in his honor has been forcibly removed by a majority of citizens who are disenchanted with him.

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Where was Pelosi's outrage when Democrat State Rep. Janis Baird Sontany of Tennessee implied that Republican women are drag queens when she said 'you have to lift their skirts to find out if they're women'? Where was the outrage when Democrat, now-ex congressman, Rep. Allen Grayson of Florida called Republicans Nazis, Al-Qaeda terrorists, murderers, vampires, racists, whores, and friends of Satan? Pelosi embraces the liberal, violent, vandalizing, defecating-on-police-cars Occupy Wall Street protestors (she recently told God to bless them). She herself has said that the protests of the tea party movement are unpatriotic and has done her fair share of vicious name-calling against the American tea party movement for years, and Rep. Maxine Waters has demanded that the tea party 'go to hell'. Harry Reid and others in Congress have also said despicable things against tea partiers. Not a peep of outrage from the Democrats on this, and as a conservative woman, I'm offended that members of my government decry me and millions of other American citizens for peacefully exercising our freedom of speech and for wanting our elected officials to be more fiscally responsible and less power-grabbing.

What Brown did is such a silly non-issue (and Warren threw the first cow patty), it's laughable that the Democrats are whipping themselves into a drama queen faux frenzy over it. Boo hoo, grow up - save the outcry for things that are real atrocities and misogyny, not puffed up nonsense like this is, SanFranNan. You can be outraged when the Democrats lose the Senate in 2012, and Pres. Zero is booted from the Oval Office.

Desperation, thy name is Democrat party.