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"Top" Democrat? Top of what? The article makes him sound like a low level political consultant from several years ago.

And a guy trying to kill his wife's divorce lawyer is not "another bomb planting leftist." it sounds like there is no political motive at all here, just a personal one.

but I guess you can take any news and twist it into a political story.

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We should not let the government BULLY parents into buying food for their kids. They should have the free will to let their kids starve.

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Yes, my boss has held a party during the workday and paid for it. a lot of bosses do. And no, I don't work in the public sector.

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The author's bio says that he used to work in the Department of Justice. Did DOJ never have parties when he worked there (or maybe they did but no one told him about them)? Or is this only something you object to when a Democratic Administration does it?

I don't think "beer, wine and snacks" sounds particularly lavish, particularly when the party is occurring at their workplace.

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We must end our nation's addition to tax cuts as well. We need a balanced budget, and it can not all be done with spending cuts.

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Ever notice that Blago's hair looks like Donald Trump's?

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Didn't he say he would enact health care reform repeatedly when he was campaigning last time -- then do exactly that?

By contrast, Bush said nothing about privatizing social security -- then immediately went to that after the election.

No, Obama is doing pretty much what he said he would do -- when he is not forced into just fixing Bush's mess.

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What's all this about Mitt Romney passing health care reform with an individual mandate in Massachusetts?

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Sounds like you are advocating that the right wing continue to exist in its own bubble, devoid of any facts or information that contradicts its prescribed narrative.

It is difficult to understand how a candidate who emerges from such a process can then compete in a general election with a majority of voters who exist outside of that bubble.

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Businesses are making more profits in the current recession by cutting costs -- which means using fewer workers. It is a pretty obvious statement Obama made here. You can argue over how much of a factor this is, but it is certainly a major factor.

Now, conservatives argue that the solution is to cut these businesses' taxes so they will hire more -- but they won't. They will say thank you for the tax cut and make more profit.