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My allotment of mercy was obliterated on 9/11. You make an excellent point though. Another state-run media blackout. A failure of their Messiah and the government as a whole not only looks bad, but distracts people from their agenda of "transformative change".

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So they took the terrorist who WAS talking, turned him over to a lawyer who promptly shut him up, and are now willing to trade away national security so we can get him TALKING AGAIN!?! Beyond the simple fact that the info would have been far more vital when it was timely, why give away an item only to buy it back at a high price? That makes absolutely no sense. These are not criminals. These are enemy combatants in an ongoing war. They are only to be afforded the most basic of human rights. No lawyers, no plea bargains, no freedom. Interrogate the evil bastard until he spills his guts then lock him away in a dark dank cell until we've won the war.

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Really enjoying this For Conservative Movie Lovers segment. Good stuff.

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Screw eHarmony... book me a flight to Israel.

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America banned DDT. This led to the world following our actions. The world includes Africa which in whole banned DDT which until that point proved insanely effective and killing off disease-spreading mosquitos. Without DDT millions of Africans have died preventable deaths. Our irrational fear spread throughout the world.

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Thanks for calling me fringe because I believe Obama and his ilk want to push past the lunacy of Europe you describe and into actual totalitarianism. Yeah, I'm just some kook using outrageous language I don't understand because I'm angry. Not because Obama and his ilk have been on record stating they want to go down the dark road of socialism.

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Um, wouldn't the solar radiation strong enough to heat the earth's core and set off an apocalypse have cooked every last human on the planet?

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King Obama. It really highlights the Hollywood leftist mentality. Tyranny can be good if it's their guy in office. They're willing to sacrifice millions of dollars to further their ideology. Worship at the altar of Obama. Use entertainment as propaganda, all other goals being secondary. Does Emmerich even realize we don't have a monarchy here in the states?

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It's a terrible shame but not unexpected. The first episode was great, as if anything with Morena Baccarin wouldn't be, but you could already see ABC's destructive touch. The part at the end when the priest asks what their weapon is the FBI lady says some gobbleygook. We all know the original line was "HOPE". ABC is going to wreck this show and change it from a good show with great ratings into some tired pablum of diversity and leftist ideology that no one watches. I rated it a solid A for attacking the Obama cult and casting Alan Tudyk. And we can always use more solid sci-fi shows with fascistic lizard aliens. Now if they only had an Adam Baldwin cameo we could talk an A+...

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Didn't watch any NFL games last weekend. Probably won't next weekend either. The NFL is clearly hypocritical to support people with clear leftist ideology and/or obscene public behavior all the while denigrating and ostracizing conservatives. I will never buy any merchandise or other money-making venture by the NFL. And I won't until they make a public apology to Rush Limbaugh and create a more hospitable environment for conservatives as a whole.