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Sheriff Joe did have that thing for pink underwear.

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Re: overtime, last I checked, these guys can ramp up their wages with it and then claim their pension based on their year with highest earnings.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg wants to weasel the city out of a defined benefit pension plan.

The waste, fraud, and abuse that his administration has occasioned in its psychotic over-reaction to this is disturbing and embarrassing.

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It's ironic that people with socially detrimental, made-up "jobs" in the financial industry (which seems to consist mostly of legal loan sharking and betting nowadays) would lecture others on the importance of work.

1. Change slogan to "Make up your own job!" or "Pursue morally dubious paths to success!"
2. Don't borrow neon-green posterboard from Junior, he needs it for his school project

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This summary makes me think of an image I once saw, which said (alongside a drawing of that adventurous spirit who "found" the Caribbean) "This year, celebrate Columbus Day by walking into somebody else's house and claiming it for yourself."

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As a teacher, I only work from 6am to 11pm. Unlike this brave soul, who works from 5 to 10. Or so he says.

I also take money baths between 11pm and 6am. Mwa hah hah hah, at $50,000 a year, the world is mine!

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And some group of assholes named the DoD Business Board want to kill the 20 year pension in the military and replace it with a 401K, effective immediately.

And teachers in NYC (where I live, and what I'd like to do if anybody will hire me ever) contribute nearly 14% to their pensions. They used to contribute 3% back in the 1970s but that wasn't enough given the rate of return.

And all I hear about is the unsustainable nature of pension costs.

But nobody brings up the benefits these dudes (and some dudettes) rake in as they bring the world economy to the brink?

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And Marcus Bachmann for HHS.

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Reminds me of some anecdotal story about Henry Ford. He was speaking to a labor leader and explaining how he could lay off all of his workers and simply make his cars by machine, to which this labor leader responded "Yes, Henry, but who will buy your cars?"

Also, your excellent handle makes me think of the trunk monkey:

Although not really a monkey, he gets the job done.

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Isn't he an undercover gay? Maybe he'll name Tim Gunn as Secretary of the Interior.


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And why is it called "taking a dump" when you're really leaving a dump?

Funk dat.