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Nice review! I was worried that the game would be too short or repetitive, but it sounds like that's not an issue at all. I dig other Team17 games, so I'll be checking this out ASAP! Thanks.

GT: Callmesteam

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Badass! Thanks guys! Perhaps playing 'Ghostbusters' may slightly ease the pain inflicted by staring at pictures of Eli for hours while carving an effigy of his face into the side of a vegetable (fruit) with a rusty can opener.

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My favorite is The Punisher. I like 'human' heroes like Pun and Batman... guys that kick ass without using crazy superpowers.

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Dude! I can't wait to preorder my super fancy ass bastard ass comic! ass.! start preorders NOW.

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My favorite thing about 360e is that it's easy to digest. So many game blogs have so much junk on their pages that it's hard to find articles and follow topics. 360e is nice and clean, helpful and really supports a community interface.

For Christmas buying options... the Chatpad is an underrated joy! I like the extra bulk it adds to the controller, and it works with any keyboard in any game, not just the dashboard messaging stuff. i use it constantly. For games, the new Namco collection has a ton of content, or THE ORANGE BOX. it's $20 NEW and has something for everyone. puzzles, shooting, team play, story, etc!

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I gotta second the Prince of Persia theme... New screens and art for that game look very classy.