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Good review, Fury. I grabbed the free copy of Chapter 1 on Talk Like a Pirate Day, and ended up buying the entire season. These ToMI games are done very well. The humor is back, and I'm impatiently waiting for the next chapter to come out.

Also, best ending credits for a game, in a very long time.

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Never had a doubt, that Dust would win DBP. Dean is super talented and he had some great people working on the audio.

Dust is going to show other Indie devs, that it's possible to make endearing and beautiful games.

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Definite buy for me this Wednesday.

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Heck of a deal. Wish I didn't already own two of those titles. I may have been swayed into buying it.

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Scurvy Pete and his band of stabbey hands. Scurvy Pete was the cruelest pirate on the high seas. He didn't trust anyone. Not even his crew. He made sure they could never steal from him, but still fight when they boarded other ships. Yes, he lopped off their hands, and replaced them with short swords.


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Operation Anchorage. It's the only one I've played, but I enjoyed it. Still use the Stealth suit, too.

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Where's the puzzle box on the floor!? ;)

Very cool. But it was a surreal experience, after spending so much time on the site.

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Loving all the photos you brought us from Comic Con this year. That Star Wars art is incredible. Love the reflective scenes in them.

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That's awesome. Love the little octopus barrette in her hair. lol