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thanks Alice for stopping by. If I can help you with anything or something you'd like to see as a post please feel free to reach out

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Thanks hdood!

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thanks keblon for your participation via comments and visiting our blog. You are Awesome and your comments are more than welcome.


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I agree jeffrey though I'm certain I'm not as knowledgeable as yourself, it is somehting I'd like to learn more about. I hope to come into a settlement soon and maybe open up some small business.

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testing testing. Working on comment format box. Does anyone have any suggestions or can you share with me about your comments section? What format for comments do you use on your site/blog? I've been using this intensedebate box/format for a few yeats but it seems to be screwing up lately. comments posted on this post for example show up in other blog post comments section. in other words if I or you comment on this post your comments are likely to show up a post I just did or perhaps a post that I completed 2 or 3 weeks ago (even longer) They just show up anywhre. Obviously I do not like this so I'm looking for a format to switch to. Any a nd all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Thanks for commenting and posting Jeffery. It was white. I'm not too fond of white at least on that car I wasn't but hey, I loved the car. LOL
Wow these comments are showing up all over the place..( other post for example) I need to do some research regarding my comment format and make some changes. These guys (intense debate) do NOT reply to my contacts and reaching out to them for some answers. I wish they would respond to my questions. Is anyone else having any problems with their comments and intense debate?

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My impala was white. not too fond of that color on the car but I really liked the car jeff :p

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Wow you have a really nice site jeffery. On facebook yesterday I posted an image of a 65 Impala. white 2 door. I used to own one and it looked just like that....except mine was a 4door...ugh, it was still AWESOME

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I smoke too. And I totally agree about the being able to smoke at work w/o the hassle.
Thanks Jeff

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That's weird...the same comments from another post is also showing up here. May be time to change comment formats. ugh... come on Intense Debate don't force me to do it... LOL