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Momof3, I wish I could tell you it gets better. But, from my experience, it doesn't. I went to a similar private school from kindergarten through 8th grade. From about 4th grade on, I was the outcast, picked on by just about everyone. Worse, the teachers and administration, far from putting a stop to it, actively supported the bullies. For me, it didn't get better until I left that hell-hole and went to the local public high school.
The bullying is only going to stop when adults step in and make it stop. If your child's teachers won't do anything about it, then it's probably time to think about switching schools.

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A few years back, I was an Americorps VISTA, making 105% of the federal poverty level (at the time, roughly 11.5K/year). I lived with my parents in Connecticut and worked in New York, and thus paid taxes in both states. On my Connecticut taxes, I got a refund. On my New York taxes, I owed money.

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Of the entire NYC metro area, CT has the lowest taxes.

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Again, you're not paying 35% on all your income--only the portion that's over 250K. If you're paying half your income in taxes, you need better accountants.

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I wanted a non-partisan presentation of the statistics for the sake of full honesty. I don't normally spend time on the BLS site.
Also, sorry, I have a boyfriend.

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Also, that's a marginal tax rate. The only income anyone is paying 35% on is non-investment income above and beyond $250K per year. Even if we factor in a massive state and local tax burden, there's no way anyone pays more than 35% of their total income in taxes.

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momof3, this comment:
"Federal government payrolls have increased under his “reign” while state government and private employment has plummeted."
is only partially true.
Under Obama's policies, private-sector employment has risen, slightly. However, it hasn't risen fast enough to keep pace even with the rate of public-sector layoffs, let alone with population growth.
Here's the BLS data:

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Anytime I read anything about childbirth, it reminds me why I'm so happy to be a gay man.

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I thought competition among suppliers was supposed to lower our rates--and personally, I can tell you that my family switching suppliers has lowered our rates. Since my experience, apparently, is an anomaly, what's the alternative? I'm not tied to CL&P, but someone's got to maintain the grid.

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This is absolutely correct. Here in my part of Connecticut, we have multiple electricity providers, one of which is CL&P, who is responsible for the substations and wires. It doesn't matter who provides the electricity, there's simply no way to have two competing grid-maintenance companies.