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I'm pro-conservation, and not advocating waste, but residential customers only use about 10% of the water in California. The rest is commercial (10%) and agricultural (80%). So, if residences went on a no-water diet and cut their use by 100%, that would still leave 90% of water use at current levels, which would do diddly for conservation during this drought.

To top it all off, depending on the location, many agricultural customers pay by their land area, not by the gallon, so they have no incentive to conserve at all and grow water wasting crops (e.g. rice in the dessert, 1.1 gallons to grow one almond ) and livestock (1,800 gallons for one pound of beef).

Sorry if this comment has made me a naughty wonketeer. I can change! Please show me the error of my ways by spanking me with your wonky stick of righteousness!

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PSA=Pubic Service Announcement?

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You guys should really use an NSFW tag if you're going to stick photos of anthropomorphic dildos in your posts.

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That ain't the way I heard it! <rimshot>

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In some ways, loving Vonnegut is such an adolescent thing to do, and sometimes it feels like Vonnegut is a writer that you ought to have grown out of.

When I was a young lad I was at a supermarket late one night. An older fellow approached me holding a can of Planters peanuts. He asked me if I knew the difference between "beer nuts" and "deer nuts." I told him that I did not know, to which he replied: "Beer nuts are one-fifty but deer nuts are under a buck." I laughed nervously and slowly backed away from him. Only later, once I was back home safe and sound, did it occur to me that the man bore an uncanny resemblance to Kurt Vonnegut.

You can be sure that I'm not making this story up because it is lame ...

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Let's try to be fair here. Apparently the anal probes were performed because a police dog sniffed at the car seat where the guy had recently been sitting. I think we can all agree that drugs are the only reason that a dog would sniff something that smells like ass ...

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MA water, huh? Ever been in Hopkinton? The water there is brown. First time I used a toilet there I flushed it three or four times before I finally gave up.

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Rumor has it that Bale prepared for the Bateman role by studying up on interviews by Tom Cruise.