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Coal or wood powered iron, now that's old school.....

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Pittsburgh Penguins
Go Pens!!

I can't wait for Hockey to start.

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Great post Toby. I really appreciate the encouragement I get from friends period. Whether they are online or face to face, it rocks to be encouraged. "Your a friend period" love that line.
It would be awesome to meet all of you guys, but I know it may only happen beyond the screens of facebook , twitter and blogs like ckroboth stated. That will be a great day!

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Wow, looks incredible.

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My blog was started as a way our family could watch our family grow. It has grown in to kind of a hobby for me. It's just one big over-share for me. My family still tunes into it and I try to blog daily. Thanks for the opportunity Promote all of my over-sharing. :-)
My recent post Project 365: 154 - Rays Of Sun

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I know it's a little late, but here is my blog.

About my blog...
As the title states, this is a blog of sorts. I always try to keep it clean, but if I miss something that is dirty, here is my apology ahead of time. Oh, by the way I am not and never will be a brilliant writer or grammar expert, so it is what it is. Corrections are welcome but may be ignored. Spelling falls into the last category also. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

I love Shameless Saturdays, even if it is Tuesday.

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Interesting conversation.

For me there is not much to talk about.

It simple, I can't afford Apple.

PC works for me. Because it's got to....

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I have been Crazy Busy...and have no time. Between helping everyone and their brother with anything you can imagine, and preparing for camping this weekend. I just did an unofficial weigh in. 177. No change. Hey, your concert was awesome, I played it on my stereo while I cleaned the house.

These past few weeks, I have felt a little distant in my spiritual walk. Lot's of why's being asked by me and my girls. I guess it's just part of the mourning process due to losing the dog??? We just have the Blah's, one of the valley's in the roller coaster of life. God will see us through it all. This weekend is what we need, some time to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate!!

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Great Stuff.

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You Go, Toby...
Awesome stuff!