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We have all probably gotten too close a time or two. I for one can tell you that burnout isn't something to mess around with. God gives us people in our lives to help us stay on track and not run ourselves into the ground. I've learned to get better at listening to them! :-)

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I've been to conferences and services where I felt exactly the same way. It happens. This year was actually a real encouraging and uplifting Catalyst for me...where it hit me was when I got home. It's easy for discouragement to set in when there's not 13,000 people around you worshipping God or dynamic leaders challenging you from the stage.

Just this morning as a matter of fact Lisa and I had to take some time after we got the kids on the bus to pray for each other. Those verses ring true for us as well. Be encouraged and know we're praying for you too.
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[youtube 9Sj-MsL2fiU youtube]

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Hmmm...I'm commenting here so I'm PRETTY sure the Rapture hasn't happened...then again, with the wise-cracking, hipster "Christians" Jon has been attracting lately, maybe all of us commenters really DID get left behind!! *gasp*

In that case, I should go rent "A Thief In The Night" and "A Distant Thunder" on VHS so I can remember what happens next...

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So excited for you guys! You have some great trip leaders travelling with you. Shaun is amazing and embodies the heart of Compassion more than anyone I know. Patricia is one of the sweetest, most caring people with a heart that spans continents. And Keely is just plain fun - she lightens things up at times when the emotions of the trip feel like they're going to overwhelm you (plus, she's a dang good photographer!).

I can't wait to start reading your stories and the stories of the other bloggers with you. We're praying earnestly for you while you're there.
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Lindsey, I've been where you're at. It's a weird feeling leaving for a country with a huge burden of responsibility on your shoulders and a desire to do all that you possibly can to get children sponsored. As I'm sure Shaun and Patricia have already told you, just set all those insecurities and pressures aside. Let God speak to your heart during this trip. Become a sponge and soak it all in. God will take care of the rest.

Some of what experience will change you immediately. Other things will begin to hit you in the weeks and months after you get home.

I'm so excited that you're able to experience this trip and share the story of Compassion with your readers! Be assured that I will be praying for you and the rest of the team the whole time you're there!
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Ha ha, nice! It's been too long since I've done a Monday Mixtape. I have a bunch in the hopper ready to go but I just need to finish writing them up.

Nice job on your first #MondayMixtape...don't let it be your last. :-)
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Dang bro! You hit the nail right on the head. I know so many people who need to read this. Well written.
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Congrats on your 1 year anniversary of blogging! That's a big milestone. It is amazing how much you can learn and grow from blogging. Keep up the great work!
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Man, I struggle so bad with names. I wish I had a photographic memory and could recall people's names like the Clinton story. I end up having to struggle over and over and keep stumbling over apologies until I can get it committed to memory. That's why I've been putting pictures with names in my address book on my phone. Definitely helps!