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Note to people who don't get sarcasm. I was NOT quoting FIFA. I was making a generalization about the attitudes of the rest of the world, which is dominated by moral relativists, towards the US. Since FIFA is dominated by Europeans and other non-American Statists, I believe that part of the reason the US was bypassed in favor of a truly oppressive nation like Qatar, is because the rest of the world has an (irrational) hatred of the US. The words I used are some of the common insults the moral relativists (unjustly) fling at the US.

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Funny (not haha) how FIFA passed up holding the World Cup in 'evil', 'oppressive', 'fascist' United States so they could hold it in a country where being gay will get you put in jail (or worse) and women are treated worse than cattle. Well done, FIFA! Way to embrace that multi-culturalism. This is why multi-culturalism and moral relativism are so evil. It creates a situation where a nation that stones people for being gay or committing adultery, under sanction of law, is considered just as good and legitimate as the United States. Sure we have bigots here - there are bigots everywhere. But the difference is that being gay is not illegal - and this is a huge difference. It's one thing for some moron to harass a person for being gay. In that case it's the moron who is committing a crime. In a place under Sharia law, it's the innocent who are considered guilty.

I hope that some people do protest. I'd like to see protests so overwhelming they topple this tiny little POS country. This is disgusting and wrong, and yet another incredibly boneheaded move by FIFA.

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Wow! You know the situation here is bad when even the BBC can admit their Liberal bias and the American MSM cannot! In another 15 years if we continue on our path and the UK does on theirs, it might be time to return to the Motherland.

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I think that since we really are no longer a united country, a casino at Gettysburg would be fairly symbolic of this irreparable rift. (not saying I approve, but just saying)

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You just cannot get more Orwellian than calling an organization dedicated to destroying freedom of speech, "Free Press." This is how freedom dies, Ladies and Gentlemen. WAKE UP! As long as we have had free speech there has always been hope. Any change is possible with free speech, but if this is taken away from us, Revolution becomes the only recourse left. We can try and make it peaceful with tax revolts, work stoppages, etc..., but I fear in the end, it will get ugly.

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MLK Jr clearly did not know what Capitalism is either. You cannot have slavery in a Capitalist system. Slavery is NOT Capitalism! Slavery is more in line with what we have now where those who work are forced to sacrifice for those who don't. That's not Capitalism - that's Collectivism or Fascism or some kind of pseudo-Socialism, but it certainly is NOT Capitalism. A Capitalist transaction can only occur between free people who have not been coerced or defrauded. Anything else is not capitalism.

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You demonstrate exactly the type of utter misrepresentation of Capitalism that this article is about. Crony Capitalism is NOT Capitalism. Moderate Capitalism is NOT Capitalism. Only Laissez-Faire Capitalism is Capitalism and it has never existed anywhere on earth. The closest it ever came was 19th century America. We need to return to nothing. What we need is a Revolution that establishes the only moral socio-economic system that can exist - Laissez Faire Capitalism. Anything else is just more of the same Cronyism.

11 years ago @ Big Government - Gay Tea Partiers Discu... · 5 replies · -7 points is about the Collectivists vs. The Individualists. Conservatives are just another kind of collectivists called religionists. They preach economic freedom out one side of their mouths while trying to impose their particular brand of morality through the force of law. To be truly free, we must have separation of state and economy AND separation of state and church. The Progressives want sep of state and church but not economy and the Conservatives want sep of state and economy but not church --- 2 sides of the same coin.

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Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge....It's time to divide this nation into the Free Republic and the Socialist Democracy that it needs to be. I for one don't want to live in the same country as these Leftist scum anymore and they don't even think I have a right to live. SO rather than force the Collectivists to be free and definitely rather than force the Free people to be Collectivist slaves, why don't we just split the country along the ideological lines that are so clearly irreconcilable?

Enough of this farce! Divided we fall is just a silly saying that doesn't apply here in my opinion. I say we fall if we stay together. If we divide, only the Collectivists will fall and why should I give a flip about them!

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The person most like Silent Cal that I see is Governor Mitch Daniels. I would vote for him in a second, unlike most of the people that are currently being pushed as Republican front runners (sadly).