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Smart people probably laugh at progs who spout talkiing points from the Woodstock era as well. Good thing we aren't laughing at each other, huh?

Almost half a trillion in cuts, adding another 100,000 people to the unemployment lines. Biggest draw down since Clinton was president. Yet you're here, blindly shouting for more cuts because "military industrial complex" sounds so evil.

KEEP READING. Where are the cuts the lightest? In the Air Force and Navy, due to a shift in the operational theatre from the middle east to where? ASIA.

China is the reason we can't do anything about North Korea. The One China doctrine is older than communism, it's part of a culture that has been collective far longer than we've been capitalist. You're projecting Western values into a world that holds in contempt those values we admire. They see Taiwan as a rogue state, and us as meddling gwei lo who do not belong in their waters, or in their business.

They see any financial concerns erode rapidly as the progressives continue their crusade to turn us into the same bankrupt, failed social experiment that Europe is. As we reduce our military to pay for socialism, we risk both our miltary superiority AND our economic superiority. Somehow, progs think this is a good idea.

This is a waste of time, of course. You'll probably just do what you did last response, and shout that you're smarter than me in the wild hope that I'll believe you. Still, hope springs eternal.

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What a great idea, let's cut the military!

There's a reason folks equate progressives with communists. They keep spouting the communist powers' wish lists. Big Sticks aren't cheap.

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Oh sure, let's segregate, so that we can have TWICE as many public schools putting union over the needs of the kids. I can't wait to see how you plan to justify racism as a solution to an out of control union.

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Yes, it can be, but in terms of this article, (and the others) hat trick is referring to a triple win. We're on your side, Eileen, remember? May the best candidate win, I'm going to vote for any of them in November to stop the progressive horde.

Oh, and we don't always think in sports terms. We often think in sexual terms. We're not just jocks, we're pigs, too. :) I'm tap dancing through a drum rif here, please don't shoot me.

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Reality check, Jester. Progressives are racist to a greater extent than conservatives. Case in point:

"You're just firing me because I'm black!"
'No son, we HIRED you because you're black. We're firing you because you're useless!"

Think about it. Don't rationalize it, don't even agree with it, just...think about it.

well intentioned or not, progressives insist on thinking in racist terms, with their hyphenated-american, mulit-cultural, P.C. crap every bit as segregationist as any Jim Crow law.

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Conservative films would never rise above "nominated" with the Academy anyway. The awards have become so incestuous only celebrities care about them.

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Because the Nazis, like a lot of folks back then, didn't understand what Darwin meant. They thought they could breed a master race, and make the human race 'better.' That has nothing to do with harley's point, Thay. You'd have better luck tracking the Nazi attempt to 'improve' humanity with the progressive movement.

The subject of this article is a blatant case of envy projected by Ogburn toward Fields. Regardless of how he feels, he's acting like the kid who hates the prom queen because he knows she'll never go out with him.

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A loyalty oath? I got their loyalty oath right here...__"Read my lips" or maybe, "that depends on what your definition of 'support' is"__Who do they think they're dealing with, democrats?

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So, the sycophants in the media are feeling jilted now that the White House openly hates them too? Cry me a river. They get as much sympathy from me as they had for the Tea Party.

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They won't. If the businesses leaving did something like that, California would punish anyone else leaving by passing laws to tax them at a bankrupting rate in the year they left. Remember how they used to soak folks entering the state with the emissions tax on out of state vehicles? California has always believed that when it comes to constitutionality, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.