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Triple bonus points for Sian Phillips as Livia. DON'T TOUCH THE FIGS!!

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I'm terribly sorry to get this news, even more so because last Sunday was one of the few times I wasn't listening to your show! Tom, your Sunday show has been a warm presence in my Los Angeles life since I moved here years ago, and my cd collection is a testament to the many fine artist you've introduced me to over the years. I wish you nothing but the best, but I think this is an awful, pigheaded decision by the network brass.

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Wow. I really can't believe they didn't vet that guy better. I'm sure the Romney campaign was thrilled to see this being the example of new converts. I wonder how many seconds into that fiasco was Gretchen's eardrum nearly blown out by a producer with brains telling her to give McDouchey the hook.

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This is a wonderful group! Downloaded the album & love it!

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There is a warmth to the sound...and I love the smell of old albums.

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Are you confusing frothing media watcher Debbie Schlussel with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Because they are not the same person.

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Don't be sorry! Well said. But truth be told, Variety is a shadow of its former self--film grosses are so widely available that's it's really changed the way we view film success--don't hit that huge number week 1--the world thinks your film is terrible and it gets no chance to grow & find an audience.

Re: films for you & your wife to enjoy: give "Scarlet Street" w/ Edward G. Robinson a spin (but be prepared for a not-hapy ending), as well as "Mildred Pierce," "Touch of Evil," "White Heat" and of course "The Big Sleep." Then you may as well watch "L.A. Confidential" to see how all that noire made it to the 20th century pretty much intact.

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Very true. And I think that's pretty much what they've decided--Cohen's welcome, not Beardo.

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Firstly--the egg was stupid and pretentious, on that we can agree. But the fictional persona of "The Dictator" wasn't invited to the ceremony--Sascha Baron Cohen was. And that's the only one who should show up. Likewise "The Muppets" are invited--if the puppeteers showed up sans felt characters, that would be wrong, too.

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It makes rather a difference if you are invited specifically _to_ perform (Gaga) as opposed to crashing the party when you are specifically asked _NOT_ to (Cohen). And since the Oscars don't give away commercial time, they're within their rights, IMHO. The circumstances are not identical.