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No Luna yet = confirmed Series 3 wave in the future! Love all these figures, especially Celestia and Discord. Funny how they keep trying to emulate Spitfire's "bedroom eyes" in toy form.

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Wow, that bites. I was under the impression that the changeover was largely a re-branding, but I guess it's a lot more involved than that. It sucks that all those people got laid off... it would be nice if some were able to stay with the new network but highly unlikely to expect people to uproot their families and lives and move across the country. Hopefully they will be able to find new employment very soon.

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I haven't seen the movie yet so I'm probably biased, but Coco all the way. Even though her pony form is non-canonical, Sonata's design just screams "bad OC" to me.

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Beans, beans, the musical fruit...

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Dammit, I can't believe there's an EQG toy that I actually kinda want... Where have my convictions gone??

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Well that's just confusing. Care to explain how expressing a dissenting opinion with rational justification is an indicator of jealousy? Do you imagine me sitting at my computer, shaking my fist at all the attention-whore ice bucket videos and crying that I hadn't thought of it first...? O_o

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That comment thread seems to have both camps represented. Are you saying you're "fer" or "agin" it?

In any case, you can still raise awareness and donations without resorting to these kind of tactics.

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I loathe stunts like these, I really do. You know what would be awesome? If people would just donate their damn money and not make a dumb game out of it that wastes a lot of resources in the process (takes energy to freeze all that ice, gas to distribute it to stores, money to buy it by the bag, and then the ice goes to waste being dumped on your head and melting away, unusable after that point). I get how viral exposure for charity works, but this stunt loses double points for being extremely wasteful and promoting narcissism under the pretense of charity.

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Thanks, I love my urp-face Rarity :)

And the others are correct -- I was referring to Weird Al's parody cover, which is excellent. Not that this version isn't good too (because it is), but the timing of their release relative to Weird Al's is unfortunate.

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Agreed. Maybe if this had came out just a few weeks earlier... but now I just want to go listen to Tacky again.