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The Ron Paul campaign had nothing to do with this. It was done by a regional volunteer by the name of Todd Weston.

It helps to get the facts before claiming someone's campaign did something. You guys get in a tizzy when the libs do this to one of your candidates.

"The flyers were the brainchild of Weston, who had the campaign literature translated into Arabic by students at a nearby college. He pitched the plan to the campaign, but ultimately made the flyers himself, he said."

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"China’s plans for total war with the United States appear to be coming to fruition, and an attack within 12-18 months is a reasonable expectation. "

Another reason we should not be thinking about attacking Iran right now.

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You sure have a thing for rectal orifices don't you?

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You are right Democrats like to start wars to. I shouldn't limited my statement to neocons. How about I just expand it to politicians in general. Does that make you feel better?

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Ahmadinejad and the mullahs talk a lot and blame all their problems on the US and Israel to distract the Iranian people and give them someone to hate and fear. But Iran is not invading countries and slaughtering millions as Germany and Japan were.

I am simply proposing that we cool our heads before plunging headlong into another war. If we could stop them from getting a nuke by some airstrikes I would be all for it. But many officials in our intelligence agencies have stated that airstrikes will only push it back a year or two. A ground invasion would likely be required to ensure that they do not get a nuclear weapon. A ground invasion would be very nasty, with lots of American blood spilled.

I am sorry. I just do not believe that America will turn into a sharia dominated caliphate if we don't start a war with Iran because they might be trying to make a nuclear weapon.

I spent five years in the Army with over two years in Iraq watching my friends get blown up. What have you sacrificed?

Its a freaking comment on a blog and you are worried about a couple of misspelled words? Seriously? You replied in one big freaking paragraph. BTW I am making straight As in engineering school, not that you'll likely believe me. My spelling may not be the greatest but I am great at math and physics.

Oh and since a lot of you probably don't get off this site much it helps to do some reading elsewhere.

The US has has been worried about Iran making nukes for 30 years now.

There isn't even any real evidence that they are making a bomb.

Oh and an Iran nuke probably wouldn't be too much to be worried about.

Attacking them will likely increase the odds that they do make a bomb...

Before you blow it off, that blog links to several sources.

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"The arms deals with Iran were open"


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Great idea! Lets just start another war! The neocons cant seem to get enough of sending our troops to war and putting it on the Chinese credit card. People seem to have short memories. It wasn't that long ago they they neocons were screaming that Iraq had WMDs and we had to do something about it IMMEDIATELY, or they world attack us or something...

Do you people actually believe that if Iran somehow does get a nuclear weapon that they will use it? Sure their crazy but are they too crazy to not realize that using a nuclear will solidify their end as a country? I mean seriously, they would be wiped off the map and they know it. Our saber rattling just spurs to try that much harder to try and get a nuclear weapon in order to deter us. They've seen us overthrow how many middle eastern countries in the last decade?

The Iranian leaders may be crazy and they like to talk mean about Israel but is it really worth it to start ANOTHER war?

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Exactly congress shall make no laws in favor or against any religions. And it's libertarian, about as far as you can get from a progressive Marxist. I don't like being told how to live my life from the left or the right.

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Sure doesn't sound like that's what he was talking about. Sounds like he is making the case that politicians can/should make decisions based upon their religious beliefs. What if his religious beliefs infringe upon my liberties? Or the liberties of another religion?

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Saying things like this will ensure Obama's reelection if Santorum somehow becomes the GOP candidate. Not everyone wants to live by whatever religious rules a president believes in.