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I would suppose the sectors that would expand are those such as house building, home improvement, and those supplying outdoor leisure activities, I'm not saying people with no skills can easily transfer to them, people need to retrain and Sunak would be better paying to help people retrain than paying generous furlough.

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Sunak is making a mess of this.
There seem to be two factions in government, just as there are here below the line. One includes Boris and Hancock, and they wished to lockdown for longer, and properly suppress the virus, then it could have been contained with track and trace.
The other faction - wanted to ignore the virus, and restart the economy as soon as possible. They were warned that would risk the virus coming back, and either thousands of deaths , or more lockdown measures. This faction included Sunak.
Unfortunately Sunak won the argument, and he is the architect of the bungling plan to force everybody back to work, travel on public transport , and eat out as much as possible.
Total total folly. The predicted resurgence of the virus has now happened, which will cost another £100billion.
Instead of trying to preserve jobs in hospitality, Sunak should have been facilitating people moving to other sectors not badly affected by Covid.

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I am also very glad the Tories won. I am not advocating a change of government. I am saying the membership should be honest and critical of the ongoing handling of the cv crisis, because that gives the best chance of the government making the correct decisions in future. We locked down too late. The lockdown was not rigorous enough, and failed to identify high risk areas of transmission such as care homes. It is very likely the lockdown in England is being lifted too soon.
Cheer leading bad decisions just leads to more bad decisions

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The number of people who think the government has done a decent job of dealing with the crisis is depressing. Is this what the party membership has become- feeble minded cheer leaders, regardless of data,information, facts?

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What is your reasoning or evidence that cutting interest rates below 3% is counterproductive?

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I don't like his politics, but he is right about a lack of humility.
There have been major problems with the government's handling of this cv19 crisis. The most obvious one is that it started with a herd immunity strategy, then changed to a suppression strategy.
That meant the lockdown came in late, so the virus was given the opportunity to spread much more widely.
The government has adopted some Orwellian double think PR stance, now trying to pretend it never had a herd immunity strategy when its a matter of record it did.
Second the lockdown has not been very effective, and has allowed the virus to continue to spread in workplaces, especially care homes and hospitals.
Third, instead of being made more effective, the lockdown is being lifted too soon. So the problem will go on for longer, there will be more deaths and more economic damage.
There is no point pretending the government has handled this well. As time goes on it becomes more and more obvious it hasn't. By keeping pretending the government has done a great job, its advocates look increasingly foolish and untruthful.

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I rest my case.

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Spot on.

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I find the ;level of wilfully blind party loyalty on these pages completely depressing. It is reminiscent of , say, North Korea, or the Soviet Union, where party loyalists in some Orwellian farce, continue to assert the Leader has done a wonderful job, when its blatantly obvious the situation is dire, and the authorities are making a horlicks of the whole thing.
Facts: 1. The total death rate is higher in the UK than in equivalent countries. Fact 2 We have been less effective at suppressing the virus than other countries. Consequently our death rate is still much higher and we are less able to lift lockdown restrictions.
The UK lockdown was imposed too late. The lockdown has been less effective than in other countries. The lockdown is being lifted too soon.
Fellow Conservatives. Please stop deluding yourselves.

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Tim , I disagree with both HF001 and yourself. You are both missing a fundamental point. Opening schools, however well it is done, will increase the R ratio. No headmaster is in a position to evaluate whether the increase in the R ratio associated with the opening of his school is an optimal easing of the lock-down compared to some other alternative easing of the lockdown. No headmaster can evaluate whether his school can be opened safely in this context, according to such criteria. Such evaluations an only be done by some central authority in these unfortunate circumstances.