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Poor, Addie :( Oh cwap, indeed.

...Begin Geekery...

The problem with the intel core duo MacBooks is that they will overheat and you won't know it until it is too late and your files are on fire, everything is crashing, and you're running around yelling WHY WHY WHY!?

I have used macs for over 12 years now and I have had only 2 problems: my MacBook, aka the furnace, and an external boot drive that melted in the night because the fan in the enclosure melted. I have an ancient iPod that works as well as the day I got it, a 9 year old g4 quicksilver tower that is still kicking, along with a MacPro quad core tower. I also have a Dell Inspiron laptop and a Dimension desktop.

I love my macs for the OS and the hardware compatibility... however they're just as prone to foolishness as anything else. The em or leave em. The desktops, though, hold their value WAY better than any homebrew/storebought PC I've ever known of. <3

Getting a cooling lap desk for my MacBook, installing a CPU temp monitor, and modifying the fanspeed has helped a did 2gb RAM and a 250gb hard drive upgrade.

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I love Boone... such an awesome place. I hope everyone had a great time

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EEEE! Elias' voice...awww and cough :( and your voice! :(

I dig the videos...they're fun :)

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Being sick is meh. I hope everyone feels better soon. I love hearing about your writing. In fact, your library trips to write have inspired me to get out of the house and work sometimes. It really helps.

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EEEE! The absolute horrible thing about being The Navigator... nothing gets done without effort on your part...usually extreme effort. Even if you have to forget about the Audi and Vegas and just get a jacuzzi suite at the holiday inn 10 miles away... you really need a vacation.

Hugo and I never fight about money...we always fight about the fact that I am stuck at home all the time and never get to have any fun or time with him...time to feel like a couple. He is always out and about and on the road while I am here working and making sure we all have food to eat and clean socks to wear. Still getting clobbered by cabin fever and loneliness nonetheless.

It gets turned around into money or some other silly thing but this is ALWAYS the root of my frustration with him. Just once I want him to come home with a smile on his face and he want to take me out or HIM come home with dinner and a movie just once instead of me always having to plan *everything*.

Have fun being a girl, indeed.

Anyway, the point of that wasn't to vent but to let you know... I understand.

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heyyyyyy it's helpful issac from ... small world

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This plugin rocks my face off. I love it. Thanks for the heads up.

Yay Addie!

Vegas!? Eeeee! Man that sounds like fun. *fingers crossed for you finding an amazing deal*