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I think the officials missed calls is more of just across the board terribleness of PAC10 officiating. I've seen equally horrendous calls in other PAC10 games. Every game Jay Stricker referees, there is numerous missed calls. I will say the booth reviews are really bad. They need to institute the NFL rule of 1 minute to look, if they can't find anything then the call stands. Of course that doesn't stop pure incompetence.

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Reading between the lines of his answers, it's all mental for him. He needs to get off on a good start. It seems like if he doesn't do well, he doesn't shake it off. He never really recovered from the first fumble at Stanford two years ago. I like him a lot, and he's the kind of guy you root for. Hopefully this will be his breakout year that's been expected of him.

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Hekker has got a lot to work on to be considered a good punter. From my point of view, he's got good hang time, but no consistency in distance. I agree, he did benefit from good bounces (which a punter can control at times).

The potential is there but he's only really had one good game (sun bowl). Everything else has been average or plain terrible (civil war and Lv bowl).

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Any report on the haircuts of the o-line men? Pictures maybe???

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Good pickup, great vision and balance from his film.

Hopefully he'll keep his commitment but 7 months is a lifetime for HS seniors.

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McCants has a case of fumblitis he hasn't gotten over......I hope he figures that out because he could be awesome.

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Riley has the ability to get big time recruits (Phillips, Akuna). We need to be beating out other Pac 10 programs for recruits not low D1 programs. Otherwise OSU risks becoming WSU. A few great years on the field but not being able to capitalize on that success in recruiting leads to well........

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I think a better way of evaluating is who's offered the kids. If the big time programs have offered and the kid chooses OSU, it's a good sign. Beating out Eastern Kentucky and North Texas isn't something to get excited about.

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9/4? That game is at TCU. 445 start. For the Louisville game on 9/18, I'm guessing a 330 start, based on the pac 10's announcement, looks like all the 1230 and 730 slots are full.

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The PAC 10 ruled that any player from USC has to sit out a year if they transfer within the conference. They are immediately eligible outside of the PAC10.