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What a disgusting self serving undemocratic lot most politicians are.They voted to allow a referendum in the belief the result would see us wedded to an undemocratic, bureaucratic federalistic Europe. They were shocked by a result they had sworn to honour before it was lost. Now they seek every means possible to backtrack on that referendum result, with pious announcements that they are doing so to protect British jobs. Very few of them actually represent their constituents who elected them.Some even blatantently saying they know better. They furnish their own nests with expenses they are allowed because they set the rules.Many of them are an absolute disgrace to the position they have been elected to..

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This party as you put it only achieved election success because a load of ex UKIPers deserted UKIP and voted for it as the only party that could/would honour the referendum result. Unfortunately there are many who have no respect for democracy despite espousing it in their election manifestos.. I would suggest that the majority of those UKIPers were always conservatives, but conservatives who did not support Camerons' views of Liberal conservativism and certainly did not want to live in and be ruled by an undemocratic Federal Europe.

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The only Tories who would welcome it are those that do not believe in democracy. Woolfe has excellent credentials.and should be allowed to rejoin the conservatives. Individuals can change parties and allegiances.Even Churchill did that. It is not so much individuals changing but the parties they support. You only have to look at Labour and for that matter the conservatives under Cameron. Some leaders seem to forget the principles their parties stand for.

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Yes of the Tory three there is no principle involved.It is a refusal to accept the referendum result, pure and simple. In fact they destroy principle in opposing Brexit because all three were elected on a manifesto that pledged to honour it. Regretfully I have to say they are without honour. The three plus their eight Labour comrades all refuse to initiate a by-election to test their defections, so one would assume in the event of another vote of no confidence they will vote for the government, rather than their own demise. History will not forgive them.

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This split will decide whether the country really wants full blooded Socialism. If then it is immaterial. Merely the clearing out of a few rats who do not support Socialism. If the country does not want Socialism it could see a return to New Labour, but regretfully a Party that does not support the wishes of the electorate but believes in the divine right of Politicians. That could certainly see the defection of some Conservatives and a completely new party.
Personally the bigger the split in Labour the better. A clear out of some Conservatives then we might get a proper Conservative party.

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Yes the truth often is. Normally when one has no answer to it

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Excellent article, but we have one thing to fear. Members of parliament who refuse to honour the referendum result and then the manifesto on which they stood at the last election.

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I wonder how many who actually played truant did it because of climate change? Where did they get their information from? Were they taught it in classrooms? Did teachers encourage said truancy? What did they hope to achieve? Yes children should be taught such issues, should discuss it, but the class room is the place , not the streets.

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If I remember rightly, Cameron on more than one occasion said the result would be binding

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So you believe we should do away with cabinet government? Perhaps parliament should rule by referendum !!!!!