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They... could possibly be like Macross Pin Point Barriers, I suppose. They don't have a huge bubble, just projecting a wave of little bubbles that only cover the important bits, ie; dudes. Would explain why all terrain in 40k is always in a destroyed state, if the shields never protect them...

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Ah. Well, for the record, I totally agree with you on the usage of Apoc rules in games I like to play. I don't wanna see them, either.

As to if they MEANT it, though... Well, I guess this is the usual GW problem; if you didn't mean it like the way it's written, maybe you should have written it better. Or hired someone to reread it before publishing. Or... something, guys. Get on the ball here.

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If that's the full relevant text, which I can't check as I don't actually own the book, then it seems clear to me that you use the full number of hits from a blast. The reason I say that is the first three words; "any hits scored".

Lets walk through this real quick. You fire a battle cannon at models on a roof, behind a void shield. And there are a number of hits equal to the number of models under that blast, same as any other time you use a blast weapon. It's THEN that the Void Shield comes into play.

You're not firing at the Void Shield, you're shooting at the models being protected by it.

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Yay, I'm glad to see this article! I finally pulled the trigger on this game at my brother's insistence, and ended up with a good size group of Trollbloods (yay bits / used box!). I think I'm getting a decent idea on what units to get and stuff, but beginner articles are greatly appreciated!

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You know, I was actually hoping that the Knights would be IG Monsterous Creatures, not Apoc Super Heavy Walkers.

Oh well...

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I actually agree with you, in the idea that if it's not official, I'm really not interested.

That said, I see no problem TALKING about homebrew. It's fun to discuss, and there is a certain value in knowing what does and does not work in the main system. Knowing what works, what doesn't, and more importantly why it LOOKS like it SHOULD work but actually doesn't, is information that can be really helpful to players.

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I think, or at least would like to believe, that if you showed up with a list you've created, AND a list of every model you own, and say "Help me make the best list I can with what I own", most people/sites/forums will help with that. Sure, there'd be suggestions on what to buy next, or easy tips to convert from one type of model to another (build razor turrets, etc), but I think part of the issue is the poster.

Unless you TELL people exactly what you want from them (ie, I'm poor, please help within my restrictions), then they're gonna assume you want general, unrestricted help.

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While we're at it, why can every imperial unit in the game buy special and/or heavy guns, but ONLY specialized assault squads buy melee weapons? What if you had tactical squads who could trade a special for a Power Weapon at +5 Points, or a heavy for a Power Fist or Thunder Hammer for +10/+15? Let Ork Boyz trade their Big Shoota for a Klaw for +10 points.

Cause even a big Boy squad of 30 dudes still only has those 4 Nob Klaw attacks. Bump that to 7 or 10 and you'll start seeing much different results.

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We've been running into one guy who's kind of 'that guy' at our store (though he's actually a fairly nice player) running 3x20 Crusader squads, plus a Vindi and LR/SR with goodies. It's simple tactically, just push forward and shoot, but it's a fairly hard brick to break if your otherwise expecting the more 'elite', lower number lists others tend to run.

That said, most of the time the Crusaders seem to be more of a distraction, but it's not really one you can ignore for too long...

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You're not being competitive if your begging to redo mistakes then not allowing your opponent to do the same. At that point, your effectively begging them to letting you win, and... that sounds the complete opposite of being a competitive (as in, 'Wants a competition') player.

What if, when you walked into the hall, the head judge came up to you and immediately gave you a medal. Then asked you to leave. That'd be cool by you, right? That's all you came for, after all. A pat on the head, being told your a good little warrior, and left to your own devices.

Heck, I can make medals on the cheap! Why even have a tourny, at that point? lol