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Just a quick question, why don't you do this again? :) I love the video trailers and it's really interesting. The bad news is your giveaway was almost done. :( I hope I can participate for your future giveaways.
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Honestly, I do also have fantasies and like you, I think it's almost the same as yours. And your picture clip add up more great ideas from what you've said in your post. :) Just don't let your desire and fantasy run your life and you need to be more careful regarding this matter.
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This kind of music is good whenever you want to take a nap or a simple siesta from your outdoor and room. Truly relaxing! I'm sure taking yoga class helped you boost up, and sleeping is a plus! Lol! :)

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I think I missed some of your posts. :) That's a lot of writings huh? And honestly, I enjoyed reading some of it and the pictures in tact. It adds more interests from us, your readers.
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That's why we must think before we click. We live in a cyber world nowadays and we must don't let our guards down. It's not bad to express what we seen, experienced and heard in our surroundings. But don't do it as a revenge or to hurt someone. Just post it to open some minds and just for a thought to people who actually your readers. That's the great thing in using technologies. :)
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You're very much welcome and I'm sure you'll get one. Just be positive and stay calm. :) If not only one, that will be great, I'm hoping for you too! God speed Lena! :)
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You're really throwing this kind of prizes? Really impressive! Sadly, this is only for women. :( Good luck to all of the participants and I hope it'll go on perfectly.
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I guess you pulled of these ideas based in your experienced and what you've seen in everyday lifestyle. I can't agree that it's because of the game. :) Simple words actually but it truly got deeply in to my senses.
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Well explained Michelle! Even if it's complicated to read, as marketers, I get lots of information to know about using title tags in my website.
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Simple pictures but it truly defines how good your morning was! :) Just do it everyday and the more pictures, the better!
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