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You should see the context of why she tell "Jews outta Israel". Firstly, Helen is an Arab American, she feel deep empathy to Palestinian suffering, especially Christian Palestinian who doesn't have enough support from other Arab countries.

Secondly, she didn't make that comment in public but only after being hounded by a private Hasidic web reporter into the kind of gotcha journalism popular today.

Clearly the comment is kinda wrong, almost tantamount to racism, but still, to use that single event to describe her like saying all Poles are pervert pedophile because of Jerry Sandusky.

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Boner agreed with Booz Allen and the Carlyle Group. Obama also happened to agree with Booz Allen and the Carlyle Group. So, it is a big with to our corporate overlord. As usual.

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America is a GREAT country to raise your child.

Unless your child is a white girl (in which she may be raped by local football players) or a black boy (in which he may be turned into Swiss cheese by local Police officers).

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Niall Ferguson have the EXACT same intellectual capacity as that Unskewed Pool guy. In fact they use the exact same word , that is "effete", to dismiss their adversaries !

Harvard could save some bucks by firing this guy and hired the Unskewed Pool guy. I'm pretty sure the Unskewed Pool guy is content by merely being paid by Chick-fil-A rations.

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The thing is, in Texas you are NOT allowed to have serious discussion on the effect of regulation or political corruption on the disaster. You are ONLY allowed to have "all my thought and prayer for the victims" and "we believe the victims are in better place now, with Jesus" bullshits.

Asking whether lack of zoning regulation, regular inspections or absence of basic training for firefighters contributed to the disaster are "disrespecting the victims". Those plutocrats and their politician stooges are really hiding behind the God's asses.

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Seriously, Keynes was happily married with his wife.

Whether the marriage marriage was simply beard, a platonic marriage, or even a hot bisexual true love (who knew) they were relatively long lasting, and dedicated to each other.

Regardless of Keynes orientation, he choose to be with his wife Lydia Lopokova and endured many high and low with her, including a miscarriage tragedy. And it is NOT our right, especially not this British nitwit's right to insult the memory of those couple.

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Also they couldn't accept Bar Khokba as Messiah since they already have messiah (Jesus).

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I see this beautiful kids are members of Future School-shooters of America.

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Just like the Friends of Hamas, Friends of Ben Shapiro are also totally imaginary.

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This guy is apparently a Democrat. Seriously, things are weird down the Mason-Dixon line.