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I have to admit, my knowledge of the EDL is minimal, so I am not qualified to say if they are an agente provocateur to the British Nationalist cause. What I will say though, is, it is essential we draw dissolusioned, if misguided young men, over to our camp, rather than see them waste their time on small organisations such as the EDL ( even if they are genuine ).
The days of mass demonstrations and marches had it's day in the old National Front days, but times have changed and we have moved on.. We are all singing from the same hymnsheet, and our fears are the same - an erosion, then extermination of the white indigenous race of these islands. We are the only alternative, and even if some of views held by these young men, go against party policy, we can try and educate them into channeling their energies into something more constructive ie - canvassing, setting up stalls or speaking at BNP meetings,

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Spiffing. How awfully kind of the nice BBC to allow us our say and freedom of speech.

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I went up to visit Stockholm in Autumn 2001, just before I was married. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people, unfortunately, it is blighted by plagues of asylum seekers. I had first hand experience of their gutteral behaviour, whilst visiting Skasken National Park ( a folk museum/animal park dedicated to the history and heritage of Sweden ). There happened to be an asylum seeker day out to Skasken, made up up of about fifity teenagers of Kurd and Black invaders. They took delight, especially the Blacks, by scaring and making gutteral whooping noises at the young deer. I told them off, and although I would imagine their English was minimal, they got the message. A short time later, our paths crossed again. As I walked passed them, a few of them shouted " seig heil " at me. Strange, as at the time, I was wearing a poppy in my lapel. Later that day, I got into conversation with some indigenous Swedish girls, who informed me, rapes and other crimes had magnified since their arrival, but it was tabboo to mention it. Another wonderful country whose way of life in being exterminated.

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I couldn't agree more, with what Vanguard says - so true, my fellow patriot. The obstacles, hurdles and other underhand shenagegans to deny our indigenous people their " right " to celebrate St. George's Day are diabolical. Yet, year in, year out, this colonising rape/drugs/crime fest is not only allowed to take place - it receives public funding to boost this abomnibable excuse for a carnival. And again, another year will pass without the media showing the true face of this invader showcase. No footage of the riots, mention of rapes - both single and that other trait, inbred into Black culture - gang rape, or drug dealing. I have said it before, and I will say it until I am blue in the face again - my heart goes out to our indigenous white folk, stranded in the colonised jungles of south, or any part of London.

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I have seen the figures of £200 and £300 bandied about as " fines ". Each figure is irelevent. This sub-human verminous scumbag should have been jailed, and his guttersnipe of a wife. The judge used the excuse for a lenient fine because this excuse for pondlife was unemployed. What the hell does this have to do with it it? He did something so heinous, that 12, 000 peoples' lives were put in danger, should it be from rogue psychopathic lefties or the IRA ( to quote the terrorist Adams " they haven't gone away you know " ). Members had to endure threating and obscene phone calls, and attacks on their homes, it is only by an absolute miracle - no-one was murdered. You receive a bigger fine for putting the wrong type of rubbish in your wheelie bin. This piece of filth should be in jail right now. It also proves, they were never patriots or British Nationalists in the first place, and more than likely - a plant.

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I must have missed this item on BBC News, earlier ( no chance - do you think the unBritish Broadcasting Corporation would air something like this? ).
It would be interesting to obtain Cleva Treva Phillips' spin on these facts.. Knowing Mr Chippy, it will all be down to racist whitey, and the fact that poor asylum seekers and other immigrants don't get a fair slice of the cake. This is what we have been saying for years - multiculturalism is a disaster and races are different - that is why there is a massive gulf between crimes, and the type of crimes commited by our own Celtic/Anglo-Saxon/North European peoples and all others, should they be Black/Slav or whatever.

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The only " shock " about this story, is that it was reported in the media, albeit a local provincial paper. This is what we have been saying for years - WE ARE DIFFERENT.. The rise in that especially heinous crime of gang rape, is exclusively carried out by blacks. Eastern Europeans are also guilty of a very high percentage of single rapes. No-one is going to pretend to live in cloud cuckoo land, and pretend that rapes did not happen, pre-immigration - should that be Blacks/Muslim/Eastern European, but it has magnified by unimaginable figures. To hell with political correctness, but a vast majority of these ethnics, have an appaling attitude to women - FACT. I believe, we should send the said statitics of ethnic crime, to that chippy, waste of space Trevor Phillips, and his other cronies at the unEquality Commission.

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Another crazy day in La La Britain. You just could not make it up. It is a wonder the " judge " didn't charge Mr O'Connor, for offending this scumbag by being white, or how about, tresspassing on the muslim's turf, or why not charge him with being the descendant of a racist, imperialist regime? Had this been the reverse, the hue and cry and mass hysteria, weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth,by the far left media, would have been heard for the next ten years, but, hell, he is only white - doesn't matter one jot.

For those idiots who haven't woken up, and smelt the coffee yet - this is a foretaste of things to come. Our country is finished - yes, finished unless you vote BNP. There is no other alternative. Period. It is that simple.

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I couldn't agree with you more, Anglo, a man after my own heart. I purposely, only watch old DVD'S of the 60's and 70's. May I suggest a wonderful, in fact probably one of the greatest TV shows ever made - Catweazle. It has all the ingredients we desire - an all white cast, great storylines, unforgettable theme tune,references to our pagan past ( in Catweazle's spells, potions and rantings ).and all filmed in our glorious southern English countryside, with most of the characters, having West Country accents. Not a whiff of political correctness or ethnic minorities there, as this series was filmed in 1969 and 1970, when the brainchild of Beelzebub - political correctness, hadn't been invented. For the very few who haven't heard of it - brief synopsis - it is about a magician/alchemist from 1066, being pursued by Norman soldiers, makes a spell which catapults him in time to 1969, which results in all manner of adventures and friendships. Truly, the BEST OF BRITISH.

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This is absolutely stomach churning, and only two weeks after the last beacons from World War1, Henry Allingham and Harry Patch, finally went out. Is this what they, and my grandfather fought for? Invaders from all the third world hellholes, coming here and leeching off the hardworking, decent taxpayer, while our pensioners, each winter have to make the decision, of whether to eat or stay warm.

Another round of applause for Zanu/New Liebour and the fascist EU. Our once proud nation, is now the laughing stock of the world, is it any wonder these invaders are camped enmasse at Calais, to receive generous handouts, that the indigenous peoples here are not entitled to. Forget the Grimms Fairy Tales of the far left, that these invaders do not get benefits - they do,and more, including grants for cars and household items such as plasma TV's, fridge freezers, dishwashers etc etc. I have seen the casenotes for those of these parasites, so I know what I am talking about. It is repulsive.The next move is yours, British electorate - you can stop all this at the next election.